Adfc demands premium for e-bikes

The national chairman of the german bicycle club (ADFC), ulrich syberg, is calling on the german government to provide a premium for electric bikes. "Why not give everyone who buys an electric bike 250 euros?", he told the news agency dpa in regensburg. He said the federal government should no longer demand only electric cars for a long time. "I call for a rethink in transportation policy."After the energy turnaround there must now come a transport turnaround. "Every mode of transport must have its place – walking and cycling are neglected today."

This weekend, some 200 delegates will discuss the future of cycling at the association’s national convention in regensburg, germany. According to the ADFC, the federal government also needs to spend a lot more money on expanding cycle paths and long-distance cycle routes. There are significant differences in quality between the cities. He would like to see a federal and industry-sponsored "pro rad" campaign involving all cities. "The money could come from the research budget or the health budget," syberg says.

He is also unhappy with traffic education in schools. It needs to be integrated into the classroom much more than it has been in the past and not just end after fourth grade, he said. "The correct handling of road traffic can be accommodated in many school subjects."This is where the ministries of education and family affairs come in.

The ADFC federal chairman once again emphasized that he does not believe in compulsory helmets for cyclists – although he himself is a self-confessed helmet wearer. This decision, however, should be left to everyone himself. "Cyclists liked to enjoy their freedom, and in doing so, a helmet would stop them."In his opinion, if helmets were compulsory, many cyclists would switch to cars. Federal minister of transport peter ramsauer (CSU) had recently thought about such a requirement for cyclists.

The ADFC is, according to its own statements, the lobby for all people who like to ride a bike. It is said to be present in more than 450 cities and currently has around 133.000 members. The bicycle club was founded in 1979 in bremen, where the federal office is still located.

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