All-in-one pc: video conferencing vendor zoom rises in hardware market

All-in-one PC: Video conferencing vendor Zoom rises in hardware market

After disseminating the video conferencing software zoom, the company behind it increases in the market for hardware. Partner DTEN builds the all-in-one video conferencing system ME, which is preinstalled by its own operating system (DTEN OS) with zoom client.

The dte me consists of a 27-inch full HD touchscreen (1920 × 1080 pixels) with three wide-angle cameras and eight microphones at the top. At the back side there is a mini-PC, which simultaneously as "stand" give stability. The dte me is working in the wi-fi-5 network (WLAN 802.11AC) and can be connected via ethernet via cable. A residence PC can be adjacent using HDMI. More detailed specifications are neither zoom nor dben.


All-in-one PC: Video conferencing vendor Zoom rises in hardware market

Open questions

Therefore, questions about the built-in panel type remain open, the built-in cameras (resolution, repeat rate, focal length, aperture) and the PC hardware. In the previous 55- and 75-inch systems, for example, intel’s square processor core i5-7500 and a 128 GB small SSD.

In addition, the standfub also appears if one liked it as such. What may work for television to work thanks to wall mounting, does not appear on the desktop: the display is located in the solid 90 degree angle immediately on the table, a VESA attachment for a monitor arm does not exist.

Zoom and dten want to deliver the ME from september in europe. The price recommendation is 600 US dollars (without taxes), which corresponds to about 610 euros with 16 percent VAT. First handler lists the system for about 800 euros.

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