America’s automakers want even more money

When they tried to get billions in aid from the american government yesterday, the three big US carmakers gambled even more heavily than before – albeit apparently involuntarily. While their requests for aid in the approximate order of 25 billion were previously rejected, yesterday they even asked congress for 34 billion dollars. After it became known that the sales figures of the big three in november plummeted by an average of 37 percent compared to november last year, it also seems to look even tighter financially than previously amed. While the sales decline at ford and chrysler at 30.5 and 47.1 percent, GM lost 41.3 percent. With 153.Incidentally, the company still tops the list with 404 vehicles sold, followed by toyota with just over 130.000 vehicles sold. Really spared by the back goes no car maker, you can see from exotics like ferrari and subaru. All coarse series manufacturers in the american market have to accept losses between 21.5 percent (volkswagen) and 49.6 percent (jaguar / land rover).

According to a report by los angeles times GM alone needs $ 18 billion to weather the crisis. As recently as november, the company had stated that it had enough money for the first half of 2009. The company does not have “a plan B” in the drawer, said GM president fritz henderson. In return for financial aid, GM wants to save a lot. Specifically, that means selling saab and saturn, only offering a few niche models under the pontiac brand, 31.000 from currently 96.000 employees to be laid off and 2,000 dealers to know. Top managers should earn at least 20 percent less in the future, GM boss rick wagoner wants to work for a symbolic salary of 1 dollar in 2009.

All three US automakers also want to commit to building significantly more economical vehicles. Ford promises to offer an electric minibus by 2010 and electric cars from 2011. In addition, the company wants to check whether volvo can be sold, but stresses at the same time that it probably does not need access to the 9 billion dollars it had asked for. Ford CFO jim farley believes he has enough cash in the coffers to weather the current downturn. Chrysler, on the other hand, still ames that the only thing that can help the company is a cooperation or a merger with another automaker, which has saved 9 billion dollars a year.

It is still unclear how congress will react to the new proposals from the car manufacturers. Senator carl levin of michigan believes that some form of financial aid is vital. All companies worldwide had the same problems and in other countries was aid for the auto industry to be expected from which so many jobs depend on. Rather behind the scenes, economic politicians were able to work with another problem: should actually ame the lights at GM, the supplier industry also affects goods. The suppliers are still under extreme cost prere worldwide and there was some giving, which can not be able to cope with the breaking appearance in coarse extent. This in turn could also become a problem for their customers. Although it is available for carefrees, to secure itself for a supplier through several suppliers. But that does not apply to all components; A transmission supplier, for example, do not replace so easy – car manufacturers with a high production depth are still affected by these problems.

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