Bad maps for old navigation systems

Bad maps for old navigation systems

Hanover, 2. December 2009 – the decision to update the map material of a navigation system permanently installed in a vehicle can­lation system installed in the vehicle can easily put one in a quandary: the older the existing map material, the more urgent the map update becomes, but the less worthwhile it seems to be to buy it. Compared to current external navigation devices with their touch-sensitive displays, 3D representations, fat POI databases and radar warnings, the fixed in-car navigation systems look exactly the same as they are – old.

Expensive "original"-maps

According to the manuals, fresh map data can only be obtained from the vehicle manufacturer. But those who knock on the door quickly come to the conclusion that they would be better off buying a shirt-pocket navigation system from the nearest electronics store. If you have bought a four or five year old luxury car, you will find out that the manufacturer­:realize that its manufacturers still want to sell premium products: lexus, for example, charges just under 400 euros for the european DVD of an LS430. To equip a four-year-old phaeton with up-to-date maps for western and parts of eastern europe, volkswagen had to pay over 600 euros.

Already obsolete when new

Even new car buyers are not spared sporty pricing by manufacturers. The new golf variant, which VW had announced months earlier and which has only been in production since the beginning of november, will be at least partially equipped with 2008 cards. If the proud owner wants to update the country CD purchased with it (complete coverage for germany, main roads of western europe), which was already outdated before delivery of the vehicle, he has to pay VW 149 euros. Even for the navigation option, you pay considerably more than for an external device – which, however, has the latest map material on board. The multimedia system RNS310, which fits the golf variant, is available for about 600 euro extra charge.

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