Bmw and psa visibly expanding

BMW and PSA peugeot citroen have agreed to continue their cooperation in engine development. Specifically, it is about developing the four-cylinder petrol engine, which is already used today in various PSA and mini models. The "next generation" the cooperation engine should also fulfill the euro 6.

In addition, the two partners have agreed to examine more fields of cooperation on the system and component level, as BMW announced today. This should synergies in the development, production and procurement of selected components "lifted" will. If you come to positive results in the exams, these could mean that the two companies of the lower vehicle segments could also use common assemblies and modules. This would be an alternative to the construction of shared vehicles – which the respective brand identity less danger, but still offers rough savings potential. "We are always very successful with cooperations, and this is especially true for cooperation with PSA. We are therefore pleased that engine cooperation continues as well as further possibilities of cooperation.", explained BMW boss norbert reithofer.

How strong cooperation in the small car area will go course, can not be derived from the explanation. BMW stands like all so-called premium manufacturers before the task of reducing costs without giving up his qualitative claim. Market observers expect german manufacturers to be competitive with chinese and indian providers in the competition with chinese and indian providers if they are technically, conceptual and qualitatively considered in international market. BMWS goal can therefore not be competing with cheap providers, but also to offer top products in the A and B segment.

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