Demand instead of preventing

Hamburg, 17. December 2014 – cash laughs. That said a good 1.7 million private car houses, when the federal government in 2009 emerged environmental project, which was surrounded by the vernacular immediately in scrapping program. Who scrapped a old vehicle and earned a new car, got a flat rate 2.500 euro. Despite the norglers and pretids, the 5 billion action was proof of the reconciliation of people with direct money incentives. Now it could be so far again: the signs densify that the year is the year in which the hemis bag is opened over the electric car supervisor.

The symbolic target makes thoughtful

The situation: from january to inclusive november, 7518 cars with electric drive were released. This corresponds to an increase of 34.1 percent towards the same period of the previous year, but at the same time a market share of less than 0.3 percent. The total stock is below 30.000 copies. The goods for themselves no problem if there is not the symbolic target of one million electric cars for the year 2020. We do not live in a planned economy, and insofar as the non-invention or exploitation of a plan is not a special value. But it would be a poverty certificate for the business location germany, if the currently low growth pace of growth and, for example, at the end of the decade less than 200.000 vehicles by the republic of streams.

This also sees the auto industry so, which, according to the information of berliner experts, stables prere on politics. The ideas and demands published so far depend primarily on commercial customers. Thus, matthias wissmann, prasident of the association of the automotive industry (VDA) spoke, for a special description of 50 percent of the costs in the first year. A maaking that is similar like the 1-prospective rule for electrical service cars to private customers in front.

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