Is there an american ideology?

Torture in the film and in the reality

If you wife that a movie of "the nazis" it was made, it is relatively easy to get to the conclusion that it is one "nazi movie" must act, which is just looked at highly highly highly sighted with the ideology of the nazis, too or just when under a title like gasman sautely only a shallow comodie with heinz ruhmann hides. (but, you note: the only movie in which ruhmann uses the hitler-grub, how wikipedia notes.To)

Okay, and with a american movie, you could say, you usually find a lot american ideology. In view of the right to american film, most people around the globe mean both elements – the american and the ideological – as completely "naturally", as a picture of the realitate "just the way she is" feel allowed. You will be on all trap against the word "ideology" bolt. And definitely, they were forced this abutment of nazi film and american film as a very depressed DEGOUTANT.

This disgust before the word "ideology" comes, as it seems to me, that’s why many people underneath "crooked worldview" to understand. "At the nazis", or "in communism", you mean, there was an ideology. "We" on the other hand, there are free, because we live in a democracy.

It is a view of the things I have to represent himself once. Today I’m rather think that this idea – that the respective democracy in which we live, ideological-free is – first, is an ideological idea, and second, a naive.

My own naivitat, for example, is in mind when I am the title of a 1963 current book in the penguin verlag thinks – a red cover, with a motif from picasso "guernica". The book itself is occasionally still antiquarian. It bolted torture: the cancer of democracy – "torture: the cancer of democracy". The author, pierre vidal-naquet, treated the french approach and the french vergo in the algeria war 1954-62.

Since this book, it seemed to me, the torture was terminated terminally as medieval barbarism and was obvious as a democracy for. Well, it was blue, to accept such a thing, but I seemed to be somehow in the children’s beliefs that although all the possible grays have been refurbished in numerous war situations, but that the method of torture in the self as democracies naming countries have since become out of fashion have come.

Is there an American ideology?

The torture has high season

Not even close. And the list of the books in some form in recent years with the topic "torture" culted, she is endless. Dramatic are also the pictures they project. The naked top corpers of a whipped and bound man can be found on the cover of a book of darius rejali, whose title the words "torture" and "democracy" by twisting "e" safely screwed together in both words. John T. Parry’s understanding torture convinces with a umgewisten chair in front of a naked concrete wall. Against the background of a strawed wall, you read the title of another book with the "statements of the tortured" – from the algeria war.

With a pun, it goes on the title of another book: screening torture. The title oscillates between the meanings, on the one hand, of "hide the torture behind any shielding", and on the other hand, "project the torture on the screen."

Accordingly, one sees a downstream blind on the cover, behind which one may suspect the hidden (torture) happening. The subtitle of the book refers to "the presentation of state terrorism and political vacuum in the media." in fact, the number of (game) films listed herein, in which is tortured routinely tortured, are besy.

Is there an American ideology?

Hidden, the torture, 2012

These were (for example) films from the nazi time, which torture, locking or torching jews in a positive, yes even pleasurable (!) showed light – they all had been locked away in a poison cabinet.

Interesting, so that this is not happening or happened. The said films still exist in almost every video library. And it is bluffing out that such right critical book at all in the US itself appears, instead of being relocated as a secret samisdate in any second or third country. But, of course: the information of the authors flynn and salek will be achieved at best a narrow film arts audience. Were this a popular movie document of michael moore – well, it’s just no such, the documentary does not exist, and sure of good (D. H., "bosem") reason.

There is also in the book next to criticism american movies also the torture topic in films of other countries to read what the whole takes a little the sharp. Because in the US you can now refer to that everyone else hold it as well: you all torture with. In the movie. Significantly, in this book from 2012, however, there is then any indication of the species-film from 2011: torture made in USA.

Torture made in USA, arte 2011

Because there is not the torture in the movie, but in the reality. Nevertheless, I will try to reprimand the content of the book on the basis of two quotes tangled. First, the official political doctrine, which is used as a means of policy torture. And as a second the implementation of this doctrine in the american film.

A short time after attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon, some members of the bush government made themselves to work on political guidelines, dementia the torture to their "secret weapon in war against terror" become. They took this step, although they were very well knowing that the ban of any torture formed a cornerstone of international jurisdiction, and in complete disregard of the fact that the united states were one of the signatories of all tolerating the torture. They acted, though they also knew that backgrounds that were enforced under torture were always incorporated incorrect information. They survived the task of redefining the torture to a group of young lawyers who ideologically committed to an extreme form of neoconservatism. This salaries were convinced that the victory in this war only through a fight on the "dark side" can be achieved. Therefore, they tried methods like illegal arrests to define illegal defenses in other countries, torture and political murder as legal means. They were a paranoid group who believed that the existing principles, which determined the rules of war carrying and the treatment of prisoners of war, "old-fashioned" was. They preferred one "war without restrictions."

Almost every person who looks at the act of physical torture was allowed to immediately stabbed it and be disgusted by the tortals. And yet in many american feature films and television shows the torturer is presented as a messianic figure, or at least as a serious person whose administration of one "world tourors" pain of righteous art and even necessary appears. (see: inglorious basterds, man on fire, taken, unthincable, V for vendeta.) the body pain of the torture victim is presented as an essential and blessing property, which makes a significant contribution to the restoration of social and political order by contributing to it "innocent" to save lives. In many of these films, the torture is a spectacle in which the cinema visitor with the torturer, not with the sacrifice, shows. The torturer is transformed from the war criminal to the benevolent "lawyer", as someone who is ready to sit over the law to save civilization before the downfall.

It is difficult for me to render me at this point of impression that you could see a causal relationship between these two quotes. Above all, where a well-documented connection between hollywood and the pentagon has existed.

At this point, it is likely to be close to total delusion, adopting that the now published official report has entilled a truth on the torture methods of the CIA, which had been completely unknown to be completely unknown or to hidden. No, that’s all you knew for a long time.

After all, you have now learn something new. So I read in the new york times that the CIA admitted, 26 prisoners "mistable" to have recorded. Including mohamed basmila, today 46, the 19 months wrong in detention SAB.

Mr bashmila had paid [his american law] that he had been tortured in jordan before being delivered to the CIA, from which he was temporarily tied in ice-cold cells in afghanistan alone, and was exposed to louder music 24 hours a day. He committed at least three suicide attempts, once by picking up his pills and then swallowed them all at once; another time by cutting his pulse drops; and another time, by trying to get himself. In another occasion, he brought on cut wounds and wrote his own blood to the wall of his cell: "this is unfair."

On the 15th. December read the comments of the earlier vice-prasside under bush, dick cheney. "I got it again immediately," favorite cheney. ("I would do it again in a minute."To)

That "water boarding" and similar torture methods have not been torture.

Torture was what the al qaeda terrorists antat the 3000 americans on the eleventh september," he said. "There is no comparison between that and what we did when it came to spicy hound methods.

Cheney clearly proves a decreased injustice awareness, but the senate report has officially confirmed that this historical realitat has actually given it, and that it is now "to manage something".

Ideologies are, head-up thought systems that (similar as the language itself) from the people who use them uninterested, as quite "natural" traffic regulation of your thoughts, views and values are accepted. Wikipedia calls as examples of ideologies: capitalism, okologism, eurocentrism, radical feminism, national socialism and stalinism.

Nevertheless, I do not believe that the handle in the poison cabinet, ie the use of torture, the american society already with the ideas of the nazis or with a stalinist "virus" infected.

Ideology in america always has several roots, racism, eugenics, religious delusion, baseball or rock’n’roll. And pure democratism, or pure dogmatism.

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