Mazda 6 with facelift: driving report with new petrol engine

Mazda 6 with facelift: driving report with new petrol engine

Barcelona (spain), 5. May 2010 – after only two years, mazda has handled his mid-class model 6. That is a very short period of time, but the optical changes also fall very back. Under the sheet has more done. Suspension and steering were newly matched and a 2-liter gasoline engine with direct injection was taken into the program.

Family view

In addition to the modified headlights and jerk lights one recognizes the leveraged mazda 6 mainly at the newly shaped mazda logo in the kuhlergrill. Depending on the equipment, the curved grill is now black or painted in body color. In addition, the area around the fog lights was redesigned. So the mazda 6 is to be visually close to the rest of the model palette.

No manual notified

Also on the dashboard changes were made to increase the quality prere. Driver and passenger now look at some piano varnish and chrome jewelry. The three-spoke multifunction steering wheel got a new design. It fades with simple operation, as each button has only one function. Overall, both material selection and processing of the cockpit can be convinced, only in the area around the shift lever finds her blus hard plastic. There is nothing to suspend from the functionality, for the meaning of the individual KNOPFE is no user manual necessary.

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