Abarth brings the 500 assetto corse

Abarth brings the 500 assetto corse

Turin, 15. May 2008 – the abarth brand, relaunched by fiat, is actively participating in racing again with the new 500 abarth assetto corse. At the mille miglia 2008 from 15. Until 18. May the italians present the car as a world premiere. From 2009 the assetto corse will be used in various circuit races. The current variant is being produced in a limited special edition with 49 units and is due to hit the market in july 2008. This sporty version of the fiat 500 is intended to be a reminder of the victorious predecessor developed by fiat and carlo abarth, the 595 abarth, which was called “small but deadly” in 1963, in its heyday.

Cult races

The mille miglia is regarded as the ultimate racing classic. However, newer models are not allowed to participate, because only models from the years 1927 to 1957, which were part of the spectacle at the time, are allowed to participate. Start and finish take place in brescia. During the trip, the participants travel on public roads through northern italy.

Deeper and wider track

So that the new assetto corse can follow in the footsteps of its successful ancestor, it has got a widened track, ultra-light wheels in white, a lowering, special racing mirrors and space on the sides for attaching the start number. The racing dwarf is powered by a 200 hp four-valve, four-cylinder engine. The engine develops a maximum torque of 300 newton meters at 3000 rpm. In comparison: A standard fiat 500 delivers up to 100 hp and achieves the maximum torque at 131 newton meters. In the 500 abarth presented in geneva in spring 2008, 135 horses scratch their hooves and the torque is 180 newton meters.

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