After 44 years: new race motorcycle from harley-davidson

After 44 years: new race motorcycle from harley-davidson

Koln, 23. June 2016 – harley-davidson does not build sports motors? Is correct! And again not. At least not in series. With a superbike world cup race or even in the motogp one will, of course, no harley-davidson will be seen, because the american brand builds cruiser and touring motorcyclads that are not designed for sporty driving. With one exception: in the USA flat track races have been a very popular sport since about 80 years. It points to the speedway known in europe, only that in america the motorcycles used have more horsepower and the oval from asphalt instead of sand. The top class reaches about 200 km / h on the short line.

Record titre: harley-davidson

The brand with most titles at the flat track is called: harley-davidson. For decades, the brand from milwaukee dominates the flat track scene with a motorcycle that already 44 years (!) old is. But now she has muhe to follow the younger competition. That’s why harley-davidson has decided to comprehensively modernize the machine.

A front brake does not have a flat track motorcycle that speed for the curve is reduced by the crossbade of the bike with the rear brake. So that the drift works better, the route with sand and OL is smeared. In the US, tens of thousands of spectators are laughing at the races that will also be transferred live on television.

The XR750 was created in 1970 – at first with a cylinder head made of steel, two years of aluminum, which is used to today – to win races. So, at a time when harley-davidson was already able to access a long sports tradition in the flat track, but the company marketing was not aligned alone on chopper and tourer. Strictly speaking, the XR750 is even the most successful sports motorcycle at all, because due to the long construction time she has gathered more titles than any other model.

Despite the japanese competition, even the coars of the flat track scene as the legendar jay springsteen (43 titles in three decades) sat on the XR750. Incidentally, many american grand prix world champions such as eddie lawson, freddie spencer, kenny roberts and nicky hayden started their careers as young dogs at the flat track race. However, there was the XR750 for normal-mortal harley-davidson riders never, but it was delivered, lack of strab concentration, delivered to racing teams.

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