App my ride: volkswagen innovation competition

App my ride: volkswagen innovation competition

Wolfsburg, 3. May 2010 – the success of apps is a phenomenon. Actually, apps are applications that usually serve only one purpose. On an iphone there is (so far) no complicated structure, just simple icons for the apps, neatly arranged next to each other­next to each other. A weather service is just a weather service and with an ebook reader you can read a book. If there are too many apps, it looks like an uncluttered desk, in the right mab apps are pleasantly easy to use. Despite their simplicity, or perhaps because of it, apps have become a major topic of conversation, even in the automotive industry.

Silent revolution

"A silent revolution is currently taking place", says johann fuller, head of innovation agency hyve AG, which is currently working with VW on the "app my ride"-competition with VW. "The customer-centric culture of the internet puts enormous power in the hands of users. Leading organizations are beginning to harness this power to develop improved solutions and increase competitiveness". In other words, a huge community of people has emerged to use, program and distribute apps.

Apps in the car

This is one of the reasons why volkswagen group research has now launched the competition "app my ride" competition, in which users are invited to develop new infotainment applications together with volkswagen. According to professor jurgen leohold, head of group research at volkswagen, the aim is to invite the international developer community to participate in the design of a future system. Apps that can be obtained via an online store had contributed to the boom in smart phones. Of central importance are the applications created by users themselves and made available to others.

Volkswagen is currently developing a prototype infotainment system in which flash applications from various authors can be integrated. To explore the potential of apps in such an environment, the company has a "innovation community" which was set up in a few days under the URL app-my-ride.Volkswagen.Com in a few days. Participants can log in here and upload their own programmed apps or send in their ideas.

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