Apple updates: watchos 7.3.1 against charging error, macos 11.2.1 stops data loss

Apple updates: Watchos 7.3.1 against charging error, MacOS 11.2.1 Stops data loss

Two apple updates auber in the series should preserve owners of various apple-watch models as well as macs from problem. On monday evening, watchos 7 released.3.1 for apple watch series 5 and apple watch SE plus a revised macos 11.2.1 ALIAS BIG SUR FUR THE MAC.

Watch does not work anymore

With the update for the apple watch, the group ensures that the two mentioned models can also be charged from the so-called power reserves – this was previously no longer the case. The power reserve ("power reserve") use as soon as the watch is no longer equal battery capacity and then displays only the time. Apparently a bug at the series 5 and the SE dafur ensured that the watch then no longer sufficient "wake up", to be charged regular.

Apple could simultaneously ame that gates where this was the case and which does not allow imports of updating no longer to be repaired from the group for free – or exchanged. According to a new support document, you should wait at least half an hour long, if something still does. Apple has now renounced genius bar appointments in germany, which is very helpful in the repair case. Affected are loud the company "only a few users".

Big sur killed whole mac

Another serious problem resolves apple with a new edition of macos 11.2.1. The new revision, which is also available since monday night, pruds before importing whether sufficient SSD or hard disk space is available. Fruhere big-sur versions did not have the feature – which could lead to complete data losses worst.

The embarrassing outlet should no longer occur with the new build called 20D75. Apple unfortunately did not explicit this, but he is automatically played when you want to upgrade to macos 11. The problem previously occurred when there was less than 35.5 GB place on the main medium (from macos 10.12) – or even 44.5 GB (alter macos versions). Only if the installer had already failed to prepare the recording, the process has previously been aborted without having to come to data losses – otherwise the installer took a glorial further. Calculator, which were equipped with apple’s locking protection filevault, had the most problems – the correct password dear after failure of the installer then often entered more and no data recovery was more likely.

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