Battery electric bmw 1er was able to remove bmw i3

Battery electric bmw 1er was able to remove bmw i3

Successor of the electric car BMW I3 could be the I1. This reports the british automagazine auto express calling on BMW manager. The battery electrical vehicle is based on the report on the 1er BMW. According to the magazine, the vehicle already found in the product planning and could already appear in 2021.

As auto express further reports, the I1 should be part of the strategy for electrifying the BMW fleet. BMW have challenged to imagine within the next four years between all electric vehicles as well as 13 plugin hybrids. The beginning should make high priced vehicles such as the IX3 SUV and the I4, followed by 2021 of the inext SUV, which should allow autonomous driving to level 3.

Drive type according to customer election

According to robert irlinger, boss of the I-product line at BMW, the flexible vehicle architectures were also allowed the construction of affordable and smaller electric cars. So konne BMW offer both front and rear-driven electric vehicles as well as all-wheel-e-cars, he predicted. In this case, the battery electrical variants as well as in the hybrid models largely acknowledge the BMW vehicles with conventional drive, quoted auto express manager.

The strategy of BMW prefers not only to put on battery-powered fully electric vehicles, as volkswagen with the ID.3 makes, but also to offer hybrids, hydrogen-powered models and vehicles with internal combustion engines. The customer can then be true to the motto "power of choice" selection of yourself, which drive type he preferred in his vehicle.

By contrast, the BMW I3 should not receive a direct successor anymore, I have irlinger opposite auto express confirmed. Already in september, BMW marketing boss pieter nota had in an interview of the financial times indicated that the I3 published in 2013 will not be continued.

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