Call for accounts lockers: india threatens twitter employees with custody

Call for Accounts Lockers: India threatens Twitter employees with custody

Should twitter do not restore the partial blocking of hundreds of accounts, india’s government threatens individual employees of the US group with money and even prison sentences. This reports buzzfeed citing the request to twitter. The group had written about 250 twitter accounts in the context of giant protests from india’s capital delhi on monday that their tweets were no longer visible in india. Among other things, news pages, journalists and celebrities were affected. They had commented on the protests, but the reproach was, they were stalking to violence.

Up to seven years of prison

As buzzfeed now explains, the partial barriers were lifted after a few hours. Before, a lawyer of twitter had met with representatives of the indian government and explained, the denounced tweets and accounts were falling under the right to free community. They had news value. The government contradicted on tuesday and officially prompted twitter on tuesday to restore the blocking. Should the US group not meet, employees threatened in india’s legal consequences up to several-year prison sentences. Twitter is also not at all in a position to decide whether the exercises vanish against laws.

The blockages were made in the course of massive protests of indian farmers against new laws. After all, since the half of india’s population works in agriculture, demonstrations provide one of the largest crises in the term of minister presenter narendra modi. In order to weak the protests, the resists had blocked the internet in front of the goals of delhi, where tens of thousands of farmers have gathered. The locks on twitter had allegedly directed against accounts that the hashtag #modiplane farmers genocide. This was invoked to violence. According to buzzfeed, however, the affected news page caravan has never used the hashtag, but only reported about the protests.

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