Copyright: peter maffay, helene fischer co. Against 15 second rule

Copyright: Peter Maffay, Helene Fischer  Amp; Co. Against 15 second rule

Creative continuously storm against the mineral exceptions provided for in the legislation for copyright novels, which allow users to upload small content snippets on platforms such as facebook and youtube to deal with the artist. In an open fire letter to the bundestag deputies entitled "horror has no end" request: "do not play copyright against us."

Already in november 2020, numerous musicians against the then planned from the federal ministry of justice had gone up to 20 seconds of a song to the barricades. With a partial success: in the meantime, the draft of the federal government instead of a clear barrier for the exclusive rights of the recycler only provides a clovered concept of "mutagually allowed uses" with 15 seconds ago.

"Realitatless censorship scenarios"

Despite the corrections, the critique of artists now focuses on this rule. Your protest "disappeared into the drawers and the required respect for our artistic work remained", it is called in the letter. Instead, there are hearings with supposed network experts. "From your ideological ivory tower, they spin out realistic censorship scenarios and raise the impression that the net is currently ‘free’ and only with the implementation" the EU copyright directive "hour the flood of the upload filter.

Under the signers, the falling traffic pigeons, alexander klaws, annemarie eilfeld, bernhard brink, david garrett, the doctors, the prince, the dead pants, ella finally, frida gold, heinz-rudolf kunze, helene fischer, herbert gronemeyer, howard carpendale, ireen sheer, jeanette biedermann, klaas, knorker, konstantin alarm clock, leslie mandoki, maite kelly, marianne rosenberg, nico santos, paul van dyk, peter maffay, stefan mross, tim bendzko, udo lindenberg and the extra-recorded panic orchestra and wolfgang niedecken (BAP to).

From the field of spectacle, TV and cinema are about dieter hallervorden, desiree nick and inka bause added. Striking is that many band members have been written individually. The gros of the long list of names was not allowed to tell the wide audience. Published the letter next to the "suddeutsche zeitung" (SZ) for example, the allendorf communications agency, the artists like peter maffay and stefan raab represents, as well as a law firm.

Government "largely practical"

The involved values as "hit in the face", if network activists "with keywords the liberty-nerarrative capers" and "to find more obedience". The government draft is "largely practical". They recognize it "the intention to thwart individual copyright and real license representation in eye-catching. Instead of creating a level playing field for our existing license market, the german special way roughly cranks this with the argument of freedom maximally." business models of global platforms became "for the purpose of maximum availability of our works, while our distribution channels are torpedated with shrugging".

"The willcan and ironically as ‘bagatell using’ assessment rules on ‘legally allowed uses’ non-lizen (!) works are an inventory facility for systematic copyright infringements, in particular our right to sole exploitation, but also our authorship rights", write the artists. Filters are only up to, "where works were not licensively licensed". It is reasonable, "that in these cases the existence of a cabinet usage in doubt must be increased". Only the federal council has so far showed understanding for the interests of artists.

Pastiche vs. Sampling

The covenant demands the jerk of the bagatell exceptions and "the maintenance of the protection of melodies anchored for decades in copyright law", regardless of their long. The EU legally required user right to pastiche MUSSE "a self-reliable subsumability of remixes and sampling" comment. The compensation for improvement for improvement from collecting societies should also be deleted. There is no "ratuses direct licensing" by indirect rights holders.

"For us and our professional future" if the coordination of the bill is the billing decision in the election year 2021, the artists underline. The bundestag thirst "not further in our intellectual intellectual property" intervention. Previously, maffay had emphasized in an opinion article in the SZ and on facebook: "if you order the music, you have to pay you too." contained therein "quotes" from the federal council proposal, the newspaper had to correct, as the caught passage had not found a majority in plenary.

Burder of the amption rule for permitted uses repeatedly emphasized that the bagatell boundaries were always brought together during the previous legislative process and have been linked to additional conditions. Thus, above all, the important exception to the internet culture is provided for pastles with many prerequisites that are not provided for in EU law. From the claim of the government to make upload filters possible with unnecessarily unnecessary, remain little.

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