Crypto wars: german eu council prassidel wants aid for decision-making

Crypto Wars: German EU Council Prassidel wants aid for decision-making

Germany is urinating a stronger cooperation of the IT industry to investigate the read and dependent communication in plain text. The federal government has a draft for an explanation in its function as chairman of the EU council of ministers "safety by trapping and security despite the closure" sent to the other member states. It strives for a supposedly balanced common line, with which the data protection was ultimately remaining in the end-to-end-casing but little.

Access to a folding data

"Law enforcement and judicial careers must be able to access data right and targeted", konstates the german council prosident in the our site present, as a confidential paper. It applies to the fundamental rights and the privacy policy fully respect and maintain cybersecurity. Still "technical solutions for access to locked data" necessary. These had to the principles of "lawyability, necessity and reliability" correspond.

"Since there is no uniform way to achieve the set goals", should governments and industry work together according to the initiative to create the desired balance. "It requires a legal framework that protects the fundamental rights and the benefits of the end-to-end caption and which allows the law enforcement and judicial care to fulfill their tasks", stresses the federal government. Potential solutions, if necessary, required the help of service providers in a transparent and justice.

The desired technical solutions "should be developed in close consultation with the service providers and the stated resistances", it is called. More concrete, the federal government is not. There should be no individual prescribed approach, could come over the criminal crushers to the plain text. A renewed debate over mandatory backtings or second sentiments wants to avoid germany. In principle, the duct of the planned appeal recalls on calls "five-eyes states", whose intelligence services cooperate closely.

Between privacy and effective law enforcement

For themselves, the federal government has already found a solution to the legally launched bill to the use of state trojans by all local intelligence services. Provider such as whatsapp, signal, skype, threema or zoom therefore had to "legitimate" be supported, "technical means" to the so-called source TKU "put in" and to redirect communication to you. Service providers should help agents help to infiltrate end devices from customers. Federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU) had previously been able to trigger some other attack on closure.

The principle of security through and safety despite the casting "must be fully maintained", underlines the presidency in the document. The EU continues to sit on a strong shutter, as it is a one "anchor of trust in digitization" handle. It is just as important whether it is to true existing possibilities for prosecution. All measures had to ame these interests carefully against each other.

The digitization of modern society bring "certain vulnerabilities and the potential for abuse in cyberspace" with it, the federal government leads out. So criminal easily available, commercial seals could also be used. At the same time, law enforcement behavior rely on access to electronic evidence in order to effectively combat terrorism, organized criminality, sexual child abuse or cybercrime.

In practice, there are trap where trapping the analysis of the contents of communication in this frame "turns out difficult", write the prasid. Regardless of the technological environment, it is uneasy to enforce the powers of the authorized authorities so that they could fulfill their statutory tasks. The other EU countries still have time to comment on the draft.

No secure closure for normal consumers

Following the council, the council should adopt the conclusions still exerted. As "highest problematic" it refers to the EU MP cornelia ernst that the federal government at european level "decidedly drawing on a legal regulation to combat secure shutters in the hands of normal consumers". The plan of the council runs out, according to the left, actually safe programs about to chat "to make dependent". End-to-end-locking became the cooperation with the providers "regrown".

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