Delta in the usa

Delta in the USA

Fails bidden covid policy at the delta variant?

After the success of the vaccination campaign, the US is now before the next coarse wave. If joe biden covid politics had first arrived at the population, now more and more problems show themselves.

A fallowing vaccination campaign, the dispute over the reintroduction of mask duty, but also the political handling of media reporting around covid columns the company at a well-known location: by the question of where and how far the state is allowed to intervene in the life of his burger , respectively. How far rights and influence of the federal government should be sufficient.

Unlike the recently recently catastrophe in view of the first covid variant, the distribution seems to be the new delta variant in the USA rather to one "pandemic of uncovered" give away.

Including the vaccination rate by 80 percent

The prasident claims the renewed increase in infection numbers (in june it was still about. 10.000 per day, currently more than 80.000) goods have been avoidable, there was not the approx. 90 million people who are still entitled to vaccinating but unpavated.

During his speech in the sowing house last tuesday, the prasident pointed out, in the states with a smaller vaccine rate was the rate of infections "ten to twenty times so high" as in the states with the highest vaccine rate.

But this does not mean that only a small part of the american population is self-debited to covid.

Since its highlight in april, the vaccine rate has fallen by 80 percent, with the effect that there are still more than half of the population in areas where more than half of the people are not vaccinated yet. In view of such data, phicor ames that at least 40 percent of all americans are not sufficiently composed against the next wave of the virus.

Nobody knows exactly how the delta wave will develop, but jeffrey shaman (columbia university’s mailman school of public health) estimated that without changes in COVID regulations and the behavior of the population, the number of cases in the USA maximum on approx. 150.000 per day, so could rise about one million a week.

Such predictions illustrate: the herd immuneity is still in far remotely and an intervention of the federal government. However, it will not be enough that the "commander and chief" released from current cameras to reason, resp. For vaccination. Nevertheless, the government currently seems primarily to provide reporting in the media.

The reporting refund

Admitted, the public discussion about covid in the US was strongly politicized at all times and accompanied by misinformation campaigns, but now the female house is trying to take over the reporting to the reporting. So criticized "white house deputy press secretary" chris meagher and ben wakana, part of the current covid taskforce, an article of washington post, the government, a breakout of corona among vaccinated people a bit too much meaning.

Of course, the government has little interest in media reports, which question the effectiveness of strongly discussed vaccinations. And of course, especially in these times-tailored times, all the media should be twice as differentiated on the dissemination of the virus to report to clarify that the effect of vaccinations is not fundamentally in question. But a mediation of the government into the reporting – regardless of which topics it goes – should the american openness always leased to caution.

The current government could definitely be able to influence the media reporting influence on the survey values of the prasident, because loudly the enthusiasm of the taxation for BENDEN COVID policy and thus its entire jerking in the population decreases.

In addition, there is wondering whether open state influence on the media here is the right means of convincing the suspicious part of the population from the good intentions of the government.

Frustration of the government

Nevertheless, the frustration of the government and other official sites entrusted with the pandemic is lacking. Beyond the "serious" media plays in the "social" already since the beginning of the pandemic scary. Well, however, facebook, a platform that has not been known in recent years has not been known for the skillful management of misinformation, is stronger against groups of corona deniers.

These are trying this "censorship" to escape by using a certain code to continue to exchange unsteady on the alleged dangers of vaccination, – all for the amusement of late night show moderator steven colbert.

Also in the non-virtual sphare, the enforcement of biden agenda maohsam, because some republican power holder on state level seems to be given no mistake in its covid policy despite high falls, no matter how much the prasident wants this stator cemet "should just go out of the way" – and he is right insofar as Z.B. The "liberal" dealing with the new virus variant of the republican governor ron desorntis in florida shows catastrophic consequences.

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