European standard for networked cars agreed

Cars, which warn each other by radio from dangers, are nearby nearby in europe. The stated bodies agreed on a uniform standard. This should ensure that cars of different manufacturers can connect to each other via radio. Among other things, the vehicles can automatically support and receive information about unfalling, black ice or ghost driver. With first such vehicles on europe’s straws 2015 is expected.

The state organizations "european telecoms standards institutes" (ETSI) and "european committee for standardization" (CEN) gave the agreement on wednesday to a foundation of rules for vehicle networking. This is for example about the radio frequencies and data formats used. The europeans cooperated closely with the state-of-the-art bodies in the US and japan to make the technology compatible worldwide. The vehicles should also exchange driving information such as speed and position.

A total of approximately 200 million vehicles on european straws are on the road. After estimating industry experts, there are already a laceable effect when about ten percent of the vehicles on the strain are networked. In the further development of the technology is also intended for communication between vehicles and infrastructure on the strain edge such as traffic lights or traffic signs – however, high investments were necessary.

The EU commission had commissioned the development of a standard for communication between vehicles 2009. The union has invested more than 180 million euros in research projects for digital commissarin neelie kroes on wednesday. So drove in a 2012 project 120 networked cars around 1.6 million kilometers through germany. At present, manufacturers like audi, BMW, daimler, ford, opel and VW were.

In the US, last week, the ministry of transport was announced first steps for the spread of technology. After consulting the US traffic treatment, the networking of the vehicles can be prevented up to 80 percent of togetherness. To the unosten important questions, including how the incentives for manufacturers and car houses could look like.

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