Fiat panda: more for 8990 euros

Fiat panda: more for 8990 euros

Frankfurt am main, 14. June 2012 – the segment of cars for around 10.000 euro is currently crumpled hard. Only last week renault and honda had presented special models for 9990 euros. Now fiat with a panda, who undercuts this brand again by 1000 euros. It is not the old model, but the recent panda presented in marz. However, the offer is limited and only takes up to the 30. June 2012.

More with climate

The panda special model more offers from factory electric windows front, power steering, central locking and a manual air conditioning. ESP and side airbags also cost extra, such as a high-adjustable driver’s seat, a CD radio or an asymmetrically foldable back seat. The special model is only available in woman, black and red, in the interior color and the rims the selection falls even easier because fiat decreases the purchaseer here the decision. The seats are dark gray / red, the rims decorated with hubcaps.

Unfortunately, fiat offers this model only with the slightly eligible 1,2-liter gasoline engine. While that makes sufficient 69 hp, but consumes more than the more modern twinair two-cylinder with 85 hp. That’s a pity, but the high-tech two-cylinder will not give way not so fast in special offers.

Easy and lounge with more facilities

The production models are also a bit better. The panda easy now also gets an air conditioning system series, in addition, a remote control for the central locking and a radio preparation from the factory. Both costs in the panda more extra. In the panda lounge, the ESP belongs to pay in all other versions with 300 euros additionally, to the series scope. Side airbags always cost 250 euros extra.

Classic even gunstiger

Who is looking for a possible cheap car, makes no bad buy with the panda more. But if it is only about money, the old panda, the fiat could continue to offer with the addition classic, could be even more interesting. There is up to 30. June from 6990 euros. With air conditioning and radio (in the package for 1000 euro) and ESP (400 euros) the customer gets a new car with the most important extras for less than 8400 euros. The restriction on the 1.2-liter gasoline engine is also valid for this offer.

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