Ios 14 ready for new compact screen

Iphones with almost borderless screen should give way something more compact. The new is the new "iphone 12"-product line expects at least one model that has so far smallest format that uses apple for full-flaky displays. Of 5.85 inches, introduced with the iphone X in 2017 and maintained up to the current iphone 11 pro, it will go down to 5.4 inches – so at least a variety of smells. The new 5.4-inch entry-level model is apparently next to one "iphone 12" with 6.1 inches and two pro models with 6.1 and 6.7 inches – the previously big screen in an iphone – stand.

The ios simulator betrayed it

In ios 14, it has now surveyed that the new resolution is supported for said 5.4 inches. Apple has adapted its well-known display zoom feature for it, which has existed since iphone 6 and allowed to engraving interface elements from the icon to the text suitable. As early as 2018, it has been discovered by the iphone XS max of its screen resolution – with the help of the ios simulator for the development environment xcode. Similar was like 9TO5MAC has detected, with a 5.4-inch model possible – set on the resolution 960 times 2079 pixels.

As small as an iphone SE?

This was done down from the 5.85-inch resolution of the iphone X, which is 1125 times 2436 pixels. Interestingly, the ios simulator for ios 14 accepts the appropriate 5.4-inch resolution and correctly represents the elements of the operating system. Other resolutions, however, brought the IOS simulator to the crash. The new 5.4-inch device promises compact discharge with a sufficiently coarse screen. Be conceivable, so 9TO5MAC, that apple sets a similar format like an old iphone SE (4 inch screen diagonal) – just with more vertical space.

"Notch" not reduced?

There are other information on the "iphone 12" with 5.4 inches: on the chinese short message service weibo, a picture is brought around for a brief that the display components should show such an apple mobile phones. The recording also brings a bad news: supposedly the "notch" with the truedepth module for face recognition has not been reduced and more space takes away in the ratio.

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