Iraq before the collapse?

Sunni islamists jerking on baghdad and have 80 turkish hostages. How do turkey and NATO react?

The burger war in syria has given the islamist power in the region of further delay, but it has been clear for a long time that the political dominated maliki government’s political government, which cut the sunnis and also aspired over election results, the violent bistrom after the deduction of the americans further heated.

Maliki probably has to demonstrate independence from the americans, also committed a decisive strategic mistake and an agreement with the US government rejected to continue to leave troops in the country. Now the iraqi government was called the wall street journal awarded air or drone attacks of the americans wunschen.

So now the US government can watch out the distance, as iraq is now threatened by the powerful islamist battle group isil, which also dominates parts of syria (jihadist-blitzkrieg) threatens. However, this has long been foreseen as a danger, especially since the kurds have retained their special position under hussein, who has already maintained the aircraft zones, and already a largely autonomous region. Especially the struggle for olar resources has always made conflict with the central government, which stood at the threshold of military clashes. You will remember that bush sen. The advance on baghdad and the fall of hussee was because the fear was that then iraq was disintegrated.

The USA under barack obama has turned away from the military intervention policy of its process, even if it continues to be set to the demonstration of military strong, as is currently becoming clear in ukraine crisis in ukraine crisis. In syria, however, refusing did the fact that the islamist groups supported by gulf states were becoming increasingly strong, which also worked with sunnitic struggles in iraq and, as al qaeda, have the goal of building an islamic god, a caliphate,. The amongwhile of – "overflow" – manns dominated uprising is religious and anti-awesome, but strongly represented by nationalism and a liberation struggle as well as militant adventure or frontlust and high violence and cruelty (one sees the martial poses and the iconic meaning of the weapons, one could also compare to the pro -ukrainian and separatist groups in ukraine).

Mysterious is already the driver of isis. From abu bakr al-baghdadi, who is already referred to as a new bin laden, there are hardly any pictures, similar to the taliban fuhrer mullah omar,. He comes from the iraqi samarra and wants to descend directly from mohammed. He was from 2005 several years in american captivity, where he probably became known with al qaeda fighters. After the americans al-qaeda in iraq also peaked by the tottion of leaders, abu bakr al-baghdadi sat at the top, but the sunni islamists were only strong again with the conflict in syria. In 2013, isil of al-qaeda and her driving al-sawahiri as a defensive movement off and struggled in syria against al qaeda groups.

In view of the successes of isil in iraq, the somewhere elected, syrian prassident al-assad supported by russia is now hoping for a turnaround of the west. One fights against the same enemy. Isil has captured the employees of the turkish consulate and their family-toilies in mosoul, totaling 80 turks in the hand of islamists. The turkish sword justified to not closed the consulate, and threatened the debuts.

Thus, the NATO state turkey, which has used itself for syrian opposition, has been in the conflict in the conflict in the conflict. The turkish government has ever thought about false flag scenarios to intervene militarically in syria (false flag operation with numerous deads?To). That makes the situation again in a danger of danger, as the kurd’s problem occurs with regard to iraq and syria.

At the attention of turkey, a special session of NATO was convened. You’ll be closely watching the ways, striking the NATO, it was roughly conceived. To be drawn into a conflict in iraq, NATO was not allowed, which is currently on a common strategy in ukraine crisis and in relation to russia.

Meanwhile, the camps of isil have the momentum as they say. Militar and central government police seem to be scared and little desire to fight. The soldiers lay down the weapons or flee, so that the islamists are always better outlined. The islamists now also have tikrit, the hometown hussein, and now want to control baghdad. Even if a quick effort in view of a corrupt government appears to be possible by a determined group, it is hardly conceivable that the islamists can control rough areas over a long time. Baghdad, where many skiites live and there are shiite militias, a city that is also shared, was hard to hold. Nevertheless, the US embassy rated already evacuation planes. The consequences are already unuitable. Hundreds of thousands are from the islamist struggle "conquered" baden fled.

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