Losses for ford in usa, worry about trump

High special costs have the US carmaker ford at the end of the year to slip into the red numbers. In the fourth quarter, a loss of $ 800 million (746 million euros) declined under the stroke, as the company announced today. Reason was above all a booking change in pension planes, through which the balance sheet was charged with three billion dollars. But even in the daylight, ford did most difficult.

In addition, the quarterly result was reduced by depreciation in high $ 200 million on a work in mexico, whose construction ford had stopped criticism of donald trump. The new US prasident demands that more in the US is manufactured and threatens to imports on imports. For ford, however, already have the right number of US plants, said board leader mark fields to the station CNBC.

"Of course, however, we are always looking for ways to expand our businesses and even use our plants in the US," says fields. The tops of the three industry-regulated ford, general motors and fiat chrysler had met on tuesday with trump to the conversation after this had attacked the corporations hard for investment in the neighboring low-wages mexico. Fields spoke diplomatically from a "very positive meeting".

In the final quarter, ford also had to make strong effects on surgery: adjusted profit before taxes was compared with the previous year’s value by 20 percent to $ 2.1 billion. Sales fell by four percent to 38.7 billion dollars. Also on the long time-grunting US car market, the selling was started. Ford had already warned for a threatening end of the boom fired by cheap fuel and low interest rates.

Thus, the group also confirmed its behavior outlook for the current financial year 2017. The results were allowed to deteriorate, also because high investments were in profit. Ford plans an offensive for future technologies such as electromobility and robotic cars. Throughout the past business year, the operational gain declined by 0.4 to $ 10.4 billion – so that you arrived just on the second record year in a row.

Success was able to record ford in the european jack, where the group did a long time. In the full year, the pre-tax result applied to $ 1.2 billion – which is almost a quadruplation year-on-year. In the final quarter already the seventh quarter with black numbers in series achieved. For 2017, the manufacturer expects to remain profitable in europe, even if the numbers were somewhat weaker.

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