Luxury light

Luxury light

Munchen, 18. April 2015 – BMW has never been missing in special ideas in the luxury class. Courage proved the brand fruh with a turbo gasoline, but almost as thirsty as is more likely. The munchener 1987 were able to surprise with the first german series of postwar history series – a fantastic engine, whose running culture is still excited today. In 2001, one visually dared to be pupiled visibly and also introduced a completely new operating system – both brought BMW not only praise. The next 7er officially presented at the IAA 2015 in september, at first glance, acts as careful as the generation of 1994 or the current ie. This first impression could swap, because BMW has made the limousine in hidden fit for the future. A little insight has been aware of BMW already now.


The design will, as far as you can see that through the coarse bonds, only gently changed. The headlights, which are optionally available with laser light, range to the kidneys. Hofmeisterknick and jerk lights in L-form also feature the next 7s. A central place in the specifications had apparently a relief of the big BMW. Development officer klaus munich speaks of up to 130 kilograms less towards the transaction. In conjunction with the eight cylinder in the new 750i, it should be empty 1870 kilograms. So he would even be 145 kilograms easier than a current 750i. For comparison: a current mercedes S500 and an audi A8 4.0 TFSI quattro weigh in 1995 kilograms. By using carbon, the raw body of the 7er’s 40 kg should weigh less alone. The new wheel deposits save 35 kg, the four goals as aluminum 12 kg.

This diat shows clearly on the handling course. Because although the current 7er model used mabstabe in driving dynamics, progress is impressive. For this purpose, air suspension, body modules made of carbon and plenty of detailed love with the chassis vote. The 7er can not only enhance curves with his optional four-wheel steering, but slides as lubously across bumps in the road as so far only the mercedes S-class could. The well-known driving programs eco pro, comfort / comfort plus, sport / sport plus were supplemented by an adaptive mode, which should always elect the ideal packet.

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