Mercedes a-class: prices

Mercedes a-class: prices

The brand mercedes is certainly not lacking in self-confidence. This is documented, among other things, about price expectations, which are clearly the most highest in comparison. Now it is likely to have hardly anyone who wants to make mercedes with the new A-class a fiat tipo or a skoda rapid competition. But that they also leave some models of the middle class behind them, makes thoughtful.


The new A-class will be delivered from may 2018. The customer first has the choice between four engine gearbox configurations. The flower base model with a 1,4-turbo gasoline with 163 hp and manual transmission costs 30.232 euros, with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, 32.326 euros. The latter is alternative in the other two models. The two-liter gasoline with 224 hp costs 36.462 euros, the diesel with 116 hp 31.398 euros. The petrolers get a particle filter, the diesel a SCR-KAT. More weaker gasoline and stronger diesel would soon follow after the launch of the sale, hybrid only in the coming year.

Too expensive?

To judge this, a look at those cars will help to view daimler as a competitive models: an audi A3 sportback with 150 hp gasoline engine, manual transmission and less equipment is available from 26.600 euros, a BMW 125i with 224 hp and automatic as funturer from 39.050 euros. Mercedes is located in sophisticated society, all other cars can have for less money. Who likes, gets for the price of the cheapest A-class also a better equipped renault talisman.


What actually lifts the A-class from the crowd are a series of options – for the mercedes the buyers continues money out of his pocket. The first car in this segment there is no classic instrument cluster with "right" pointers. Series MABIG are two seven-zoll displays, for a surcharge there is a combination also seven and tenzoll display or two ten-zoll displays. Who likes, can also order a head-up display for the first time.

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