Microservices: kong gateway 2.4 open for javascript

Microservices: Kong Gateway 2.4 open for JavaScript

The company kong has version 2.4 of the same name microscopic gateway. The release is more flexible in the hybrid mode version specifications that separates the control from the data layer. In addition, developers can now create plug-ins in javascript and format the log file individually.

After already version 2.3 brought some pensions to the plug-ins, the gateway opens in the current release for development with javascript and uses a node.JS-runtime. The library kong-JS-PDK offers a plug-in server for access to the functions of the gateway via the CONG-PDK (plugin development kit), which is designed in the core on extensions written in LUA.

Conversion of the log files

Also new is the possibility to individually transform the log files from kong. In the manner, developers can convert them directly into a format that is compatible with the systems that they use to evaluate or manage the logs. You can remove fields and add new ones, for example, with unique ids or time stamps.

You can customize the field contents dynamically with LUA code. The transformation works with the plus-to-file log, loggly, syslog, TCP-log, UDP-log and HTTP log and uses this in version 2.3 MEDIED SANBOBING FUR LUA CODE.

Flexible mediation between the layers

At the beginning of 2020 kong in the youngest major version 2.0 enforced the hybrid mode that separates the control from the data layer (control plane, CP, and data plan, DP). The former manages the data and distributes the configuration to the data tarpaulin instances. For example, the control planes may be in the private cloud of the company for hybrid use, while the data tarpaulin instances are distributed to private and public clouds as well as the data center.

So far, very strict specifications were considered for the interaction. With the current release, more flexible guidelines apply. The data layer can now access a control layer, which is a maximum of two punk releases. Access is still not possible if the two variants have a different major version or in the data plane is a newer version installed as in the control plane.

The gorilla at the gateway

Kong connects an open source API gateway with a load balancer. The gateway has italian roots and originated in 2009 in milan. Until the renaming 2017 strolled the underest company mashape, and the software kong has been an open source project since 2015.

In addition to the open source variant marked with the naming (OSS), an enterprise product exists, including additional functions for administration, for security and highly recoverability. In addition, the enterprise variant with kong studio contains a customized version of insomnia for creating, testing and unopbitable from residual and graphql-based interfaces.

Further innovations in kong gateway (OSS) 2.4 can be found in the kong blog. The enterprise variant always appears shortly after the open source version.

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