Ridesharing with moia in hannover: corona comeback with pure e-fleet

RIDESHARING WITH MOIA IN HANNOVER: Corona comeback with pure e-fleet

The ridepooling service moia now ends the corona forced break in hanover and brings a new, purely electric fleet to the strain. The yellow E-shuttles already known from hamburg replace the black transporters of the group nut VW. From next friday, at first 40 e-buses will transport passengers through the linest city again, but the size of the fleet can then grow the demand accordingly.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, moia had prepared his services in marz before. In hamburg, the buses for up to six passengers have been rolling again since the end of may. The experiences collected in hamburg also transfer the company to hannover. During the pandemic, a masking requirement for passengers. Drivers and passengers are separated by a foil. The buses take maximum funf individuals and no groups.

For the restart, changed service times apply. The moia shuttles are on monday to wednesday from 14:00 to midnight. Thursdays ride moia from 14:00 to 02:00. Night swarms can make their way to stay until 04:00 on friday and saturday with moia. On sundays and public holidays, the shuttles are from 10:00 to 22:00 on the strain.


That moia in hannover is now also electricity "two years earlier than planned", said moia boss jens-michael may. The "moia +6" baptized shuttle buses have developed the company together with volkswagen commercial vehicles and volkswagen osnabruck. Moia announces the range with more than 300 kilometers to WLTP. The battery can be loaded back to about 80 percent within half an hour. In hamburg, the E-shuttles have been driving through the city for a year.

With the resumption of operation in hannover, the company of the company also returns from the short-time working. The new E-fleet moves to a large operating courtyard at the vahrenwalder strain. With a flat of 6500 square meters, the grandfather has a capacity for around 110 moia shuttles and the necessary charging infrastructure. Moia capitalized at the site about 100 riders and employees.

Hannovers oberburgermeister belit onay (grune) is pleased to contribute to the mobility turnaround in the state capital. "Hanover works intensively on the mobility turning to make the city traffic flat-covering more environmentally friendly, safer and quieter", said onay. "I am therefore pleased that the moia fleet will soon be completely electrically in the city. Together we come to our goal another step closer."

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