Save yourself who can face the humor giants of the television!

The world guest at bert, the puff owner

No, fubball is not funny. Fubball is a deadest matter. And humor is highly produced by fubball kickers and TV moderators who gladly gladly passed on rough things: "if the coach is a different opinion, then one is different." (michael ballack)

But it will be very bad if the television wants to loosen the current world cup TV permanent transfer with funny-meaning programs in between, then there’s only one thing as a viewer: save yourself who can be in front of the ZDF salmon bag ingolf luck, the bajuwarian maune-people waldi hartmann or the professional girlie sarah kuttner, which also shows short movies in the ARD, where they surprise normal people at the apartment with questions as: "can I get to them porn with them?"

Most of the worst, the round "ingolf luck and the funf humorzwwwenden", which was strangely under the title in ZDF!"Run and comment on the game day in the so-called comedians – at a level that is no longer underpaid. But also "waldis WM-club" in the ARD is a single "no-laugh-area", that is a humor-free zone. And if there was not from time to time and to the harald schmidt was occurred, then you have definitely asked: since when does our waldi be moderated in the DSF the sunday "krombacher round"? But even schmidt ("I have an opinion for everything.") can not relieve this late broadcast humorous, no, he works there between expert profile actors like paul breitner so out of place that it almost hurts.

If you get lost after the day kick on pro7, actually one of the few commercial zones of television, then it is suddenly called there: "WM for the girls."And you’re greeted by stefan raab, who has repeated his broadcast" TV total "in" world cup total ". Is promised "the most comprehensive fubball show on german television: no games, no goals". And yet raab remains raab. A showmaster, who laughs loudest about his own jokes and present a few stupid and a few nice gags in his show.

On raab follows on the same channel shortly after midnight inevitably the young mr pocher with the program "pocher a guest in germany". The concept of this 30-minute live show is relatively simple: during the world cup, the 28-year-old looks at interesting "locations" (pro7) the games. So at the kick-off, he was at the fire department in siegburg, after which he visited a hotel and after the game england against trinidad, it was even off in a duseldorfer brothel – only to the fubball guess.

Oliver pocher chatted at this FURS television, earlier pocher pretty well with "bert, the puff owner", which was excited about the "incredible inflow" in his establishment. Motto: the world a guest at bert, the puff owner. And then, germany’s clutched chatting bag talent joked with the ladies who probably not only warmly buried their world cup visitors. In between, a few small slueful films were shown, in which, for example, pocher as poldi asked a pelvic farming imitator naiv, which is a brothel. Answer: "you go to the launch."

In short: a show that is neither nice nor really stupid, but unfortunately so harmless is that you can not remember them in the morning after them. But one thing was still hung: a live quiz, in which pocher promised an unusual profit. And how did he look like? Right! The winner was afraid with a free visit to bert, the puff owner,. After this spade medial high point there was only one thing: good night, germany!

The only humorist bright spot provides the world cup of spiegel-online, where carsten van ryssen under the title guest at the movie! In his daily video column magnificent nonsens veral. – in short: we have not only a bad defense problem with the WM despite our successful poland field train, but on television a much worse problem with the humor.

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