The bags: porsche cayman r

The bags: porsche cayman r

Los angeles (USA), 17. November 2010 – porsche is a particularly welcome guest in the US when it comes to J.D. Power goes. The commentary of the opinion research institute has weight in north america. The 911er stands at the top of the "premium sporty cars" and the porsche brand for sixth time in a row on the satisfaction rating. Therefore, porsche will be joyful to the los angeles auto show to show its products – for a new variant of the cayman. In 2009 it was the boxster spyder, who was the focus. At the this year (19. To 28. November 2010) the cayman R should draw attention.


The mid-engine coupe is designed for driving dynamics, gets a newly matched sports suspension. The top model lies by 20 millimeters lower than the cayman S. There are more short, stiffer springs and adapted stabilizers on front and rear axles as well as a tuneau tuning of the steamer. The track was widened in front of four, rear by two millimeters. A serial blocking differential at the rear axle should improve traction and stability.


Slimming should be the "R" help more dynamics. So the top cayman weighs at least 55 kilograms less than the "S"-execution. It is saved in different ways: so the air conditioning and the radio is away, which saves 15 kilograms – as well as the use of aluminum doors, as they are used at the 911 turbo. Light sports peel seats bring more 12 kilograms of short. In the tortafels was dispensed with the storage facility. Also not available are the cover of the combined instrument and the cupholder. The new top model rolls out according to the manufacturer on the lightest 19-inch bardling, which has the entire porsche program to offer: the ten spokes are so filigree designed that the complete rim set brings less than 40 kilograms on the scales.

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