The stupid criminal on this planet

Anti-scammer turn the spoon

The nigeria connection works with a "advanced fraud" (advance fairy fraud) and is also called 419 (four one niner) after a corresponding article in the nigerian code.

The victim promises millions of dollars, which is allegedly preserved when it comes to a millionar series o.A. Helps to transfer money abroad. Greed, stupidity or a latent bad conscience (cf. Placebo of the good conscience) of the victims as well as the (hair-going) ingenuity and the stuffiness of the scammer is due to the fact that the internationally raised fraud should now be the third-growing income source of nigeria. Alone from switzerland places up to ten million francs in the hands of the nigeria connection (cf. 15 years nigeria connection), the one "advance" in form of a "advance fairy", "transfer tax" or one "performance bond" demands.

It also multiples the websites that report on the nigeria scam and, on the other hand, nigeria – the 419 coalition website, the scamjokeepage from a certain david lee roth (who also moves particularly bloden photos of the pop star and claims it’s handle at the pictured around him) brian wizard, the chaos project and scamorama. For example, the visitor is asked to "pet nigerian woman stud" to adopt, but not to give him money, but to cook him in the same soup he has done. Nigerian scam baiting or. "Working on a mugu" (mugu stands for vollidiot) is already considered "the new internet bloodport" hyped and the anti-scammer give a honest mush of the absurd fabulier power of the scammer still to top, consult each other online over the top names, scanned passe or chinese characters and lurk the fraud with the webcam. The entire correspondence including pictures is then put in the network.

They all want to actively frustrate the scammer by taking them time, nerves and – in a single, already legendary case – even money. Three dollars has an anti-scammer, so the victim of his confidence, in a mail exchange, the "exchange with the dumbest criminal on the planet" in the history of the 419 events has been received. Some out of a really long correspondence:

DEAR FATHER; friendly donor: they deserve father; because I write about your reply; in which they say; that they help us; abort. I have to thank you for your cute way and your big-tangible clever man

the scammer

(the nigerian connection is known for her bad english and dafur, which is mostly used only coarse letters. Also the warm accepting is typical. Another anti-scammer was even by e-mail with his cheating, who is as a hubsche woman, quasi "married"to)

The stupid criminal on this planet

ethnospab for all?

We have a problem, I’m shovying me, but we have to talk about it. The head of department is the second cousin of my wife and we have to follow his instructions or I sit in the shit. He is formually exploded when I said that we just send the money to. He said: "you tell this pygmaen-brain son of you that he must first prove us something. He must first send us money, even if it’s only three dollars, he proves his honesty and integrity. UNLESS; can he tell me." I tried to talk to him, said that they had nothing, nothing they had, that all their money was just lost and burned. He said: "even a beggar can raise three dollars, so much he is sure. Let’s prove him his desk and then we will send the money immediately to accra-ghana. I explained that then our deal will be bursting that you come to us here, I even showed him the ticket reservations!!! I paid by her sister and her mother, her grief and that she is like my son. I said they are a man of god and he should have mercy. Despite my protest, my wife is on his side, so we have to do that first so that I can send you the money

the anti-scammer

You get suspiciously…

If you feel; so that you hear your wife cousin, then that means; you are not a real businessman: a real businessman hort never to another businessman because you do not know what he is planning. Maybe he wants to be rich without her. I would like to know my quick reply so I know where and where it goes on. That annoys me slowly. This whole thing. Remember, we gave you a certificate as you asked for you three dollars. Even a picture of your money we sent you; so why are not you honest with us

the scammer

Anthony, there is really no lay-Z-boy resting chair. There is no skiing holiday in zermatt, which I booked for you. There is no waffle iron or coarse screen TV. I bought no house and also no business class flight with british air. There are no money transfers with western union, no visa, no cousin harry. I’m not the friendly donor. But they are not escober tony sankoh. There is no 15 million dollars and I will not get a cut of 1.5 million. You are in no escape warehouse and it is very unlikely that your criminal company houses a pastor, her mother or a dead-shot sister. There are only these two facts: (i) they sent me $ 3 (ha!); and (ii) they are undoubtedly the stupid criminals on this planet.

The anti-scammer

Scammer behind the mirrors: it is ruthless that the criminals actually describe themselves when they make the anti-scammer bad. Likewise, the anti-scammer, which must be admired for their stamina, to crush the criminals, and how to realize, often not without thieving and sometimes even racist pleasure.

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