Tikok has gone more than 49 million videos in the second half of 2019 in the second half of 2019

Tikok has gone more than 49 million videos in the second half of 2019 in the second half of 2019

More than 49 million videos has lolled tiktok in the second half of 2019 because they climbed against the guidelines of the platform. This is less than one percent of uploaded videos in the same period. About 89 percent of the forbidden content has not only gone online, but have been removed from the systems before seen someone. 1.8 percent have been reported by users. The incurred percent were online at short notice, but have not been seen.

According to the transparency report, most videos that were lolled came from india (16.453.360), followed by the USA (4.576.888), pakistan (3.738.162), great britain (2.022.728) and russia (1.258.853). Videos can be hobed against several guidelines at the same time, so they are also paid several times in the evaluation of the association to the violation. Because of changes in the guidelines, the report refers only to december.

A lot of sex, little hate

25.5 percent of the clares came from the area of nudity and sexual activities. 24.8 percent of the videos were deleted from child protection. 21.5 percent showed illegal actions. 15.6 percent offset against the guidelines on suicide, self-injury and dangerous actions – which also concerned so-called challenges.

Vials in videos fell 8.6 percent in weight, bullying was 3 percent. 1 percent of the delay videos included hass comments or came from dangerous people or organizations.

Protection of political influence

Auberced india has the top spot of the origin of geloshter videos. There tiktok, as well as 58 other apps, has just been banned. The app is intended to constantly send data to the people’s republic of china and sees a danger for the soveranity of india, the security and data protection of users. Meanwhile, tktok himself has accessed hong kong, the parent company bytedance kritish the step under reference to the sharply criticized new law to protect national security. It allows communist guidance of beijing to tackle activities in the special administrative zone that they see as subversive, seperatis table, terrorist or as conspiracy with foreign force. Tiktok ared again and again not to pass on data to chinese resistances.

Inquiries to remove copyrighted content, especially came from germany: 13 times. Other countries lie clearly with single-digit numbers. Fordly prompts, videos from legal grounds to choose, came mainly from india and the netherlands. China has not asked any inquiries according to the report.

SCHOOLS content at youtube, facebook, instagram

The video platform youtube has a total of nine million videos in 2019 in the second quarter of 2019. Of these, many content fell into the category spam, also sexual representations and child safety were at the grounds of the clarified front.

Facebook gave 1,7 billion fake accounts last year between july and september. In the same period, the social network has seven million contributions away because of hatzespa. At instagram it was 845.000 content.

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