Alternative or wishful thinking?

On fairtunes.Com may pay any for music downloads – voluntary

Life in general is unfair and the music industry in particular. More and more musicians move off to the internet because they misunderstood themselves from their record firm, unfairly treated and exploited. So published pop genius matt johnson alias the the the same last album "naked self" free on his homepage, because it hardly purchased and according to johnson from the record company was badly advertised. And the british progressive rock band marillion dear her current CD "anoraknophobia" already pay for their creation of fans in the network to finance production at all the production. The fact that the free downloading of songs and whole album has been mutated to popular sport does not make the situation for musicians better. Remedy could create so-called open music systems. Those approved surfers for sucked mp3s to pay money directly to the respective musicians. On the homepage with the programmatic title fairtunes.Com is already possible that now.

Here, music lovers can voluntarily and directly transfer money to the artists whose songs you download. That works by credit card. There is also a fairunes plug in for winamp player, over which you can send directly money and track your favorite artist. But it works without. The creators of fairtunes promise to locate any artist and to give him the amount in the fastest way. In their opinion, it is the highest time to finally use the biggest possibilities that the internet offers its users for fast and direct procurement of music, without permanently acting under the shadow of the illegalitat.

How musicians are ripped off from the plate industry nowadays, the fairtuner matt and john clearly illustrate in some invoices and case studies. For example, the cuddly siren toni braxton 1998 has announced its bankruptcy, although she had already sold albums worth $ 188 million at the time. However, due to her terrible record contract, she received only less than 35 cents per album sold. Fury a hohn. Probably undisputed is that the music industry, as we know, will no longer exist in the foreseeable future. The internet is – justice-theater or from the CD handler around the corner more and more displaced more and more, if hopefully not completely. Music comes from the net, in the future more than now. The open music initiative is committed to an alternative payable for one no longer so new, but so far almost always free sales path – the internet.

Musicians, of course, buried the project of fairtunes manner. For example, lupus says of the american ruel rockers of the bloodhound gang: "fairunes gives people A chance to put their money where their mouth is." chris oÅūconnor of the primitive radio gods says:

I think it’s toutlly cool that with all the free music that people can get on the internet, there’s still some people who are willing to support the artist.

The question is only: how many people are actually charged to support artists financially? Who is so fair that he pays what he uses when it comes differently? If the knowledge of the fact that the money paid without detours to the artist passes and not to coarse down on the accounts of various music corporations – will just know the surfers who prefer to download free today, tomorrow? Stephen kings project, his novel the plant chapter for chapter on the internet at his homepage unopdrated if at least 75 percent of the readers have paid for the previously downloaded chapter 1 dollars, yes, it has failed. (see. The plant does not grow online) is a model that works in the software industry, where often voluntarily pays, who downloads free software, so also applicable for the music industry? And it should be noted that the common music fan could hardly be interested in how someone defines intellectual property if there is a difference between music and software. Ultimately, it’s all about one question: are enough horner so friendly that you – even though you can relate the music for free – from fairness and justice for MP3 files to the artists pay? In fact, matt johnson and toni braxton can do without record companies and deny their livelihood because their fans are fair? Well, after all, according to the creators of fairtunes.Com over your offer already 2.334 payments to artists, about 14.600 US dollars overlooked. Unfortunately, this number is too abstract, in order to shelter first jerks on the behavior of the surfers. Open end.

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