Assange is waiting for internet access

Assange is waiting for internet access

Julian assange (left). Image: public domain mark 1.0

Ecuador allegedly provides claims for the cancellation of the communication lock

According to wikileaks, the whistleblower platform wikileaks has its landlord of julian assange, which has been eliminating a delivery in the london embassy of ecuador for more than six years, despite other promises, monday evening still has no access to the internet, mobile phones and visitors who are not his salaries. His previously last tweet is still one from the marz.

Before, the british guardian, RT and several other media reported that the australian had already communication approach, because the ecuadorian prasident lenin moreno, the UN flying thickhochommissar filippo grandi and the UN speechfreiheitrichtstadter david kaye had agreed at a meeting on friday. The ecuadorian authorities have so far not confirmed.

The icelandic wikileaks spokesman kristinn hrafnsson after will ecuador assange in his speech surprise. A circulating list with alleged demands on him, whose authenticity is open, includes a registration obligation for visitors and electronic devices as well as the obligation not to interfere in matters that could harm the relations between ecuador and other states.

A arrest in germany and ecuadors "relations with the EU"

With the fundamental, assange did exactly that, ecuador had on 28. Marz the communication lock prevents. According to the ecuadorian agencies, the wikileaks primer had broken a previously existing agreement, "do not interfere with the internal affairs of other states". Wikileaks meant, such an agreement did not exist.

More concrete background was a tweet of assange, in which he was deposited by the spanish central government and on 25. Marz in germany-arrested catalon regional government leader carles puigdemont one "political sticking" called (cf. Puigdemont: the german legal situation and german politics). That, so ecuador at that time, dangerous the relations of the former spanish colony to the EU (cf. Ecuador: assange was committed to waiving political).

The australian assange had become known worldwide with its whistleblower platform, which was launched in 2006, when he published in 2010 recordings and other information on american war carrying in iraq, which was allocated to him by the father for detained militar-horny bradley manning. Shortly afterwards, swedish resistances remain a european arrest warrant with the rather striking alleging allegation of a rape that should be done because a condom was slipped or removed. In 2012, assange was looking for refuge in the london embassy of the sud american country ecuador.

Secretly held indictment in the USA?

Loved sweden in the last year the premieges, but did not bring the australian to leave his tight exile. He stops the swedish prematurely only for a pretext with the actual destination of a delivery to the US, where in addition to accusations for espionage and high treason threatening to tedious and exempt surveys through the intelligent intelligence, which were also allowed to interest for other secrets, on the wikileaks. Hrafnsson therefore requires a guarantee of the UN that assange is not arrested and delivered to the US when leaving the ecuadorian embassy in london.

Last year, US jeffaus minister jeff sessions the question of whether the arrest of the wikileaks-grain was one of his "priorities" accord, explicitly affirmed (cf. US minister of justice evaluates arrest of julian assange as "priority"to). For reasonsion he said, his security experts were "shocked by the number of leaks", why one is the fight against such "leaks" stretched and experiments "to put some people in the prison whenever a case can be brought in court".

About the same time reported the washington post and CNN calling on – if you want – "whistleblower" from government officials, the US ministry of justice have developed a plan, as assange could be officially charged. This plan was able to build on the media reports, not to value wikileaks as a media public publication platform, but as a kind of non-governmental but enemy intelligence service. So you calibrate why you do not go against media like the new york times imported, which were also involved in the enthusiasms, which one prepares wikileaks and assange. Theoretically, an indictment already existed if she as "sealed" classified and kept secret (cf. Wikileaks: USA allegedly introduce indictment against julian assange).

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