Brave buys ex-burda search engine cliqz

Brave buys ex-Burda search engine cliqz

The american browser manufacturer brave buys the search engine technology "tailcat" from the estate of the burda daughter cliqz. Thus, the company wants to secure a new source of revenue and challenge google at the same time.

The german coarse publisher had already set his privacy-oriented browser CLIQZ in april 2020. The project, which was also designed as a fight announcement on google, had also developed its own search engine. The index of the tailcat project covers about 9 billion websites. With the technology, nine employees go to the browser manufacturer to continue the development.

New ways for brave

Tailcat should become a core of a new search engine called brave search. These should not create user profiles and give users to the users in choosing the ranking algorithms. A novelty: users should even decide to do without advertising – but then had to pay for the search engine. When brave search is actually unlocked, it is still unclear. Interested parties can already register for a beta test.

Actually, brave had intended to finance themselves using tracking-free advertising, which is displayed instead of conventional advertising on websites. Similar to google’s privacy box concept, the users’ interest profiles are stored in the browser. But so far, the advertisement is only recorded on the homepage and in the form of pop-ups and notifications when the users explicitly register for the advertising program.

Income sources wanted

Meanwhile, the browser manufacturer integrates other sources of revenue such as a paid VPN service and crypto wallets. The own crypto preservation BAT can now be used as a gameplay. In recent years, brave had already closed partnerships with other privacy-oriented search engines such as qwant and duckduckgo.

According to own information, brave currently has 25 million active users per month. Although this is significantly more than the competitor vivaldi, but little compared to opera with 340 million users – by chrome not to mention. Corporate brendan eich continues to focus on aggressive growth: "privacy is mainstream", he explains to be taken.

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