Disney + cracks brand of 100 million payment subscriptions

Disney + cracks brand of 100 million payment subscriptions

The streaming service of the US entertainment giant walt disney has exceeded the brand of 100 million paying subscribers. CEO bob chapek spoke at the virtual action meeting on tuesday "enormous success" – disney + has reached this milestone in just about 16 months. The online video service was opened in november 2019 in the US and is now being received in 59 countries.

Greater distance to the marketplace

Investors were little impressed by the figures that responded in the US boron trading behavior and recently noted in minus. So far, disney’s streaming business does not throw any profits, and despite the impressive growth, the distance to the market operator netflix remains coarse. The streaming pioneer had also increased sharply in the pandemic and paid almost 204 million paying users at the end of the year.

Netflix is already much more available and represented in significantly more countries, but the catching hunting was hardly easier for disney in the future. Netflix tries to keep the competition with a tremendous production budget at a distance. In addition, the strong start of disney + was also due to maple priced prices and temporary lock offers. Disney also operates the steaming services hulu and ESPN next to the service under its own brand+. Disney + was last significantly expanded.

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