Electronic health card: who pays the panning service?

Electronic health card: Who pays the cannal service?

The project company gematonic has the places of no longer functioning master data adjustment of the electronic health card with one "faulty change of the confidence anchor" explained. This error has occurred with the VPN connectors using the transport layer security (TLS) and, accordingly, update the trust service status list (TSL). If you pay the IT service providers that fix the error in the doctor and dental practices, is currently being discussed.

At the end of may, it had come to partial failure of the master data adjustment. As a result, the address data and the insurance status of the patients could not be compared in affected practices. Due to errors when updating the connectors do not trust the currently organized certificate, the gratatik informed. To resolve the problem, the trust lists must be updated on the affected connectors. This is just on site.

Repair on site

The repair works are meanwhile in full swing. The technicians must exchange the certificates in the medical practices when connectors of rise, SECUNET or T-systems are installed. Not affected are the kocobox connectors of compugroup medical, which does not use TLS.

Even if the workload of the IT service partners is not very rough, he must be invoiced and paid. Details are not yet clarified yet, but the gematik promises "in coordination with the federal ministry of health", that the person concerned "no costs should be created by the situation and you do not have to sanctions afraid". It ran "constructive talk" with the providers of the VPN access services, where it is according to TI directory around arvato systems, compugroup medical and T-systems.

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