Facebook and gucci go against product folds

Facebook and Gucci go against product folds

Together with the luxury fashion company gucci facebook has filed a lawsuit in the USA, which is directed against an international group of product falses. Of course, the sale of president products is banned on facebook itself and the daughter platform instagram according to terms of use, as well as the goods are copyrighted or trademark law.

According to a facebook blog post, the false has repeatedly opened new accounts and distributed the products for it. So they also had the blocking. Such IP injuries are also prohibited. The social network uses a program that can recognize such abuse and immediately push a bar in front of it.

Millions of products and distribution channels

Together together against the wrong, facebook for the logical next step. An industrial-umbrella collaboration is new, but also important to achieve something. The joint action is the first of this kind. Fake shops and falsifications are a problem on the internet, but also on social networks, if these direct purchase functions imports.

Italian media also report, gucci’s team, which dedicated to protection intellectual property, made sure that more than four million folded product displays on different platforms, more than four million products confiscated and 45.000 websites, accounts and pages were closed.

Facebook attaches great importance to ensuring business on the platforms – and you can sell your goods there. In recent years, facebook, instagram and whatsapp benefits are added to the fast acquisition of products. A business model that seems to be worthwhile for all sides. In addition, handlers may need to pay for the use of the shopping options if necessary.

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