Freepik-hack: copied more than 8 million user entrance

Freepik-Hack: copied more than 8 million user entrance

If you use the online services freepik or flaton for downloading images and icons, should change your password from security. At a hacker attack, attackers had access to mail addresses and passwords of 8.3 million users.

In an official statement, the FREEPIK company stood out that 4.5 million affected users have logged in via google or facebook at the services. In these cases, the attackers had no access to passwords.

(almost all) password optimally protected

In the remaining 3.77 million those affected are the passwords of the hash procedure bcrypt. The procedure is considered safe for current knowledge. An attacker can not easily follow the captured passwords in this case and have no direct access to accounts.

Otherwise, this sees the passwords treated with the already long-term hash-function MD5 of 229.000 users. Although a random number (SALT) already increases the protection, nonetheless the responsible persons have blocked the passwords and concerned with the request to assign a new password. The freepik company ares to put from now on bcrypt from now on.

Burned accounts

Who uses his password from these services even with other online services, should also change there. Generally, you should use an individual password for each account. Especially the mail account as a central contact point one should protect with a strong password from unlawful accesses.

On the website havienenpwned.COM can be checked if your own e-mail address occurs in a publicly known hack. The freepik company specifies user data with leaks and notify users when matching.

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