Grune: federal government should provide greater support for railways

Grune: federal government should provide greater support for railways

The federal government should make more money available for the demand of the public local passenger traffic. This is what andreas schwarz, the leader of the grunen parliamentary group in the state parliament of baden-wurttemberg, is demanding. "If the federal government wants driving bans to be avoided, it must provide stronger support for the states and municipalities to expand public transportation," schwarz told dpa. Driving bans for diesel cars loom in stuttgart. At the federal government’s diesel summit in berlin at the beginning of august, a "sustainable mobility for the city" fund worth 500 million euros was agreed. The federal government and car manufacturers will pay into the fund in equal shares. The money will be used to finance plans for the 28 regions in germany most affected by air pollution, including stuttgart.

Schwarz called the sum of 500 million euros "nose watering" – it is far too small. "If they distribute that among the affected cities, that’s far too few coming to baden-wurttemberg," he said. "There is an immense need for investment in the state." schwarz cited the expansion of S-bahn transport, regional transport and investment in light rail systems. At least a doubling of the amount of 500 million euros is necessary. On 4. September, chancellor angela merkel (CDU) will meet with representatives of the municipalities, for whom "master plans" are to be developed for well-connected and, as far as possible, clean transportation.

Schwarz also accused federal transport minister alexander dobrindt (CSU) of not taking care of the expansion and renovation of the rail network. "We demand that the next federal government expand and electrify the hochrheinbahn and the bodenseegurtelbahn, double-track the wendlinger kurve and eliminate the bottleneck between stuttgart-hauptbahnhof and feuerbach," said the state parliamentary group leader. "In addition, the gaubahn between singen and horb must be upgraded to two tracks."

The hochrheinbahn runs from basel to singen. It is single-tracked and not electrified. The same applies to the bodenseegurtelbahn on the northern shore of lake constance. The rough wendlinger curve is so far single-track planned. It is a connecting curve between the new wendlingen-ulm line and the plochingen-tubingen rail line. The busy route between stuttgart main station and feuerbach connects the new mannheim-stuttgart line with the new stuttgart-ulm line. The expansion of these projects has not yet been included in the federal transportation plan, schwarz said.

According to the ministry of transport, the state hopes that something can be done about the projects in the federal government so that the federal government fully finances the projects. "At least the tunnel accident in rastatt has shown how important the expansion of these lines is to have a functional and efficient rail network available," said the spokesman in stuttgart.

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