Japan’s fight against consupt

Japan's fight against consupt

Not only the UN is worried about japan’s law, with which the planning and preparation of a conspiracy can be punished

Now the house has to agree, then japanese prime minister shinzo abe has his law by "consupt" to get in japan. Already the planning and preparation of a conspiracy is then punishable. The japanese underhouse has the bill on the 23. May approved. In addition to the ruling liberal democrats of shinzo ABE, the KOMEITO party and the conservative opposition party nippon ishin no kai agreed.

The government argues that the law is necessary to get terrorism. Only so you can "serious obligations", japan with the orientation of the 2020 olympic games in tokyo, like hiroshi hiraguchi, member of the ruling liberal democrats, said before the vote in the unterhaus. And only so KONNE the UN convention against the border-border organized crimetat are implemented.

Only against criminals?

Also the attack of manchester did the government as an argument. But of course the bill was already prepared for a long time, japan has been discussing for a long time. The law does not focus against normal burgers, but against "criminal organized groups", ares the government.

By contrast, trade unionists or environmental groups are not affected by the law. Exactly the burrowing but critic. Non-governmental organizations such as the human rights organization amnesty international and the environmental organization greenpeace explained the "free community, a foundation of democracy", be threatened.

Straw offense

Before the vote in parliament, there were always protests and also after the underhaus vote moved again demonstrators through tokyo. The japanese company is split. In surveys, three quarters of all respondents explained that the government has not yet declared, why the new law is needed. In a survey for the kyodo news agency, 39.9 percent was 39.9 percent and 41.4 percent against it.

In fact, the terrorism bill defines only vague, but lists 277 offenses that justify a monitoring. This includes copyright infringements or stealing plants from forest protection areas. Of course, why they have to be adopted against theft against theft forever anti-terrorism laws. The mafia also lies else: the UN convention against the breibenburg organized criminal entity joined 187 states, but only two adopted laws against conspiracy – norway and new zealand.

Worry about privacy

Critics fear now that artificially used to detect alleged or real conspiracy letters and e-mails. Because the law is so vague, you can simply justify all the police.

Support was now also the critics from the united nations. Joseph cannataci, UN special rapporteur for the right to privacy at the UN human rights council, wrote ABE in a letter that the law can limit the right to privacy and the free community expenses. Cannataci also streamlines that the term "criminal organized groups" if necessary, can also be applied to unpleasant non-governmental organizations: "the definition, which is an ‘organized criminal group’, remains vague and is by no means clearly disclosed on terrorist organizations."

In addition, it is not clear what the planning and preparation is actually, the monitoring measures allow. Therefore, the new law konne all protective mechanisms that should guarantee the protection of privacy in japan. Cannataci referred to the international pact on bourgever and political rights (international covant on civil and political rights), which has ratified japan in 1978, and asked the japanese government for an explanation of how the planned legislation can be agreed with it.

Probably in vain: cabinetskretar yoshihide suga called the letter "completely inappropriate". The government in tokyo also launched official protest at the UN human rights commission. Cannataci in turn rejected the premieges against him and says it "absolutely no justification for the japanese government, to act in this way and really impressive laws so quickly".

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