Joe biden wins us election – breath for the world to trump

Joe Biden wins US election - breath for the world to Trump

Joe biden is only on the 20th. January as a prasident of the united states, the 77-year-olds are already present in his victory speech. "I’m going to work as hard for those who voted me for those who did not want to vote for me", says the democrat on saturday night (local time) in his hometown wilmington. "We have to stop seeing our opponents as enemies." biden puts an empathy on the day, as she still spits out an official owner donald trump – who spits on twitter gift and galle – has never shown. Hours before, US media have proclaimed the winner of the historical US election after a day-to-day paying crimi biders.

A prassident of all americans?

Trump himself wants to defend himself legally against the defeat, the power struggle for the soft house is not yet. But that even trump’s home station fox news in the night to sunday the banner "biden to 46. Prasident chemed" shows in the current program, let guy where the journey goes.

Biden has been a taste of what his term of office could look like for days. He wants to be a prassident of all americans, says the 77-year-old. This once promised trump (74). The difference: biden it works believed. The former vice of barack obama says, now it’s time, "leave the brutal rhetoric of the election campaign behind us to lower the temperature".

24.7000 trump tweets

Under trump, the operating temperature in the US has increased in politics, but also in the company in the red area. Alone the continuous thunderstorm on twitter: trump sales world political decisions about his account @raldonaldtrump. He fires minister, he steals and he moves the market with his never-ending tweets. The trump twitter archive has paid: as a prasident, donald trump has more than 24 to his (private) account so far.700 embassies deducted, in the past few months it was average 43 a day. He has insulted more than 180 people per tweet ("could not be chosen in tennessee to the dog danger"), several of them often than once.

Trump and the truth

Trump can not only be dropping. No secret is that he has a split ratio to truth. He pauses, in an exhaust that he has the fact watchecutors washington post has forced into the knees. Whose team members shared on the 23. October with that they were with their examination eight weeks behind and could not update their database before choosing. In the 1.316 days from his swearing up to the party congress of republicans in august have the fact tailor trump 22.247 false or misleading statements proved. At the end of the prudent period – in the middle of the election campaign – it was more than 50 a day.

Biden compared trump in the election campaign with nazi propagandaminister joseph goebbels. "He is like something like goebbels", said biders the transmitter MSNBC. "You pay a luge long enough, repeats them, repeats them, repeats them – and it is considered general knowledge."

"He is like something like goebbels", said biders the transmitter MSNBC. (source: MSNBC)

No breath under trump

Under trump, not only the US did not come for almost four years for breathable, but the whole world. Only a small section of his outdoor policy volts: trump loose unilaterally the international atom agreement with iran, jerusalem recognized as the capital of israel. He threatened with the exit from NATO, and because he held the german defense expenditure for too low, he announced the deduction of around one third of the US soldiers from the federal republic. The "small rocket man" kim jong and warned trump, he’ll "fire and anger" bring over north korea. Lifter – after meeting kim – he said: "we fell in love."

There is always a tweet, still a statement, still an exercise trumps, which dominates the news again and determined the public discussion. The US prasident has set topics, of whom you could not knew that you could be: for example, when he wanted to buy gronland in the past year (and then a visit to copenhagen died as the astimated gronlander and danen winked to).

End of the darkness?

In the election campaign bident promised, the US after four years trump from the "time of darkness" respectively. "We are finished with the chaos, the tweets, the anger, hatred, the failure, the refusal to take all responsibility", he said. "Every woman who is donald trump. Let’s show who we are." although in the meantime every woman who is donald trump and for what he stands, but still voted almost every second wahler for him.

The ditch in society

The question of whether one is for or against trump, families have gradually divided and friendships, the telling americans again and again. That was not always so. There was also trump in the USA in the USA, but it is undisputed, however, that she has become deeper in his term of office. The overcoming of this split was allowed to become one of the largest challenges for biders. The long-term senator approached this promise in the election campaign: "this is our opportunity to leave the dark, deserting policy of the last four years behind us and hope instead of fear, unity instead of cleavage, science instead of fiction to election."

Trump or biders – what the US election means us | # of 03.11.2020

Obama’s promise

Trump process obama had laid in the election campaign for his earlier deputy and its vice-candidate kamala harris. At a appearance in philadelphia, obama promised the elections a breather after the wissen trump-years. "With joe and kamala at the top, you will not have to think about the crowded things every day, which you said, and that’s great value." the duo will "just not so exhausting anymore" be. And for the traditional in the circle of the family thanksgiving in almost three weeks obama presented his compatriots in view: "by doing so, they could have a thanksgiving dinner without arguing."

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