M1-macs: apple does not see any differences between desktop and notebook more

M1-Macs: Apple does not see any differences between desktop and notebook more

All current macs come now with M1-chip – apple’s in-house arm processor. The group now ames that users no longer pay attention to performance aspects if they select the form factor of their next computer – rough differences between desktop and notebook should no longer exist. Two consolidated managers have pointed to this in an interview.

Form factor increasingly does not matter

Click to the US station cnn platform-product marketing manager stephen tonna and laura metz said from mac product marketing, who had users now "freedom to use their equipment as they want". Apple "A number of those who satisfy the needs of users, whether they are traveling a lot and a portable device is needed or something for little space [mac mini, anm. D. Red.] or something as all-in-one experience with a rough display [new imac mac, anm. D. Red.]."

Apple makes no information about clock frequencies of his apple silicone processors – all horen only on the name M1. Buyers can only be selected whether the device should have seven GPU cores (at the respective entry-level model) or eight. In addition, in the common memory of the SOC to 8 or 16 GB, as well as the coarse of SSD – currently currently 2 TBYTE – are determined. Further configuration options concern only the color of the devices.

Air or not, that’s the question

In practice, however, there are speed differences that result from the form factor. So an ipad pro M1 comes with no air and a very compact housing; the macbook air M1 is also airless. The macbook pro M1 has a smaller case as a mac mini M1 or imac M1. Accordingly, the desktop machines settle the maximum power later because they will be less heating.

Nevertheless, apple seems to strive to further unify his macs and ipads in terms of inner life. However, it is probably – just like the iphone – always in the regular beat faster socs. Thus, a first person becomes a first "M2"-mac expected this year. This could probably affect macbook pro models with new 14- and 16 inch designs as well as mini LED screens.

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