Not all fish are danger

Not all fish are danger

Flounder. Photo: © hans hillewaert. License: CC-BY-SA 4.0

In flow and clay, the stock is so stable and the paragraph is so low that there are no fishing rates anymore

This week was the day of fish. The stand in the call, especially in the seas from extinction to be threatened (cf. Big fish at the end). But this is not in all kinds as telepolis experienced on request from the german fisheries association (DFV). For flounder and clikes, the weights in north and baltic sea are even stable that 2017 was dispensed with fishing rates. From the prisoner clutches are many copies as so-called "by-catch" again tilted into the sea because they do not settle in sufficient quantity. The up to 40 centimeters of gross flatfish, which come mainly from the north sea, are significantly more cost-effective than, for example, sea tongues – and extremely tasty, if you are cutting up with cut ccopes and fleet spots in the pan.

The flounder, which gives it from the atlantic to the black sea, is a somewhat more acquainted flatfish, as well as the clikes of small marine animals and fish nerves and their "mild-river" taste eat smarter after "by no means hide behind relatives like the sole or the turbot" needs. Fully fully grown, the flounder in 20 years up to 60 centimeters long and up to three kilograms hard. At the most tenderest, however, she tastes if she has a half kilo weight. The fish can be preceded by the well-known sea tongue, from which virtually all recipes fit on him – whether baked, fried or stamily.

Other species in this country like the stocker or the blue wittling go thanks to the largely globalized fish markets in coarse number in lander, where you can see you as a dining fish more. Germany imports germany who is stronger in this country in this country – especially salmon, which often comes from breeding tank. Canadian scientists managed to optimize cultured salmon so that they were growing the 1.8 kilogram of slaughter weight, for which they were growing three years, in 18 months and with 75 percent less food. Dafur became a gene of the zoarces americanus implanted that they are growing in winter. In europe, this salmon approved in canada since 2016 has not been sold by aquabounty technologies despite the free trade agreement CETA so far because they are considered genetic engineering.

The "mushrooms of the sea"

In still rough overflow available as a flounder and clikes are jellyfish. They are not fish, but "amazingly efficient framing, who are just there, the fish as a konige of the oceans", how matthias grabner formulated 2011 (cf. The jellyfish as a conical of the seas). Cloungent are also the "mushrooms of the sea", because they are sometimes very toxic – above all in the wasses around australia. Nevertheless, she recommended the world health organization WHO 2013 as potential protein suppliers, which is quite popular when one cuts out the tentacle and prepared him correctly.

In asia, where the marine animals compared to the taste with oysters, especially as a salad, would be a long time. In europe, one experimented with the relatively non-toxic mirroring agent from the mediterranean for several years, which is also offered as a salad. If you want to buy a jellyfish in germany, you should not try the fish market, but in asialaden, where you usually only offer dried. Such dried jellies must be placed in water about eight hours and then blanched and finely cut before they can prepare with cucumbers, peanut butter, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesamole and chiliol.

Also edible is the red american marsh cancer, which in berlin is so much more pronounced that you can pick it up at the spanish embassy in berlin mitte of the strain. However, one must not let themselves be caught by animal welfare, because the collection of the animals can theoretically be tracked as poaching, although even the nature conservation association germany (NABU) warns against a unauthorized further spread of the invasive species without natural enemies. Recipes for this shellfish is especially in creole kitchen louisiana, where you cook it together with salt, cayenne pepper, garlic and lemons in hot water.

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