Oh, how freezing cold is this hand

Otzi releases cooling cabinet

Nine years ago, the mountain-owning couple simon from nurberg in the upper schnalstal in the otztal alps on the easter-rich-italian border at 3210 meters seashohe a mummy discovered, which was known in the media as otzi. This sensational find was only possible due to the extremely hot summer of the year 1991 – here is quite liable to speak of an archaological gluckfall. Now, for the first time after the examinations that followed the discovery, a team of scientists of various options was allowed to investigations.

Even the excavations brought some insights over life in the neolithic (otzi has lived with high probability about 3300 years before our era). In the luggage of the mummy, downsils were found like a carrying frame, a not completely finished bow with multiple arrows, a copper build produced in the wooden handle and a dagger made of supertician flint, whose blade was glued into the shaft with birch lap. Also a tinder sponge for firing, various garments made of fur, leather and plant fibers and a fur shoe stuffed against the cold with grass, obese to otzis equipment. In addition, he drove some hallucinogenic mushrooms with themselves, equally remains of cereals.

Cinematic documents of the excavations

On the 28th. Marz 1998 was that "otzi musem" opened in bolzano. Otzi, the oldest mummified corpse of the world, is stored in a room rising kuhlanke, with glacial conditions (-6 degrees celsius at a humidity by 100 percent). Now the neolithic sheep was thawed for a short time to measure a number of other investigations.

As will professor peter vanezis, a specialist in case of glassgow, wants to investigate the cause of the death of eismann. The commonly used theory to this point states that otzi, a sheeper, during a blizzard is frozen – medically underpowered, this thesis has not been understood so far. Fruhere tests had shown that some ribs are broken – other evidence loves to a death by a bad fall shot. Vanezis now examines some samples of adipose tie and skin from jerking and breast on iron deposits to determine where the highest blood concentration occurs. The results of these investigations are supposed to give rise to whether otzi was shaking or on the stomach during his death. "This will not make any exact jerking on the type of death", so vanezis. But he hope for new hints that should help the opportunities like otzi could have come to death.

Wolfgang muller from the technical institute in zurich sampled samples from the enamel of the right upper jaw, which should help to determine where otzi has grown up. Mineral traces deposited in the enamel allow conclusions to diet, thus also on geographical origin otzis.

Professor franco rollo from the italian university camerino managed with samples from otzis belly. The DNA of the microorganins in the guts should enable further backlens to the prehistoric diet. In addition, the results are to be compared to those of the examination of a female mummy found in the colombian andes to better understand the process of natural mummification. With the DNA otzis a team of the romische university is about, from a comparison with other prahistan finds a genbank for the alpine area is created.

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