One million signatures against ttip

Unauthorized burger initiative wants to give the package EU commissionschef juncker to the birthday

Today, the number of signatures for the european burger initiative stop ttip initiated from 320 ngos was the threshold of one million. This is remarkable in two ways: on the one hand, because the signatures were collected in less than two months – and on the other, because they despite the rejection by the on the 1. November from the office divorced EU commission came about.

The saw a TTIP negotiating mandate as a blob "internal preparation act", who can not be made on their argumentation on a european burgerinitiative. In addition, she focused on the position that european burger initiatives were only allowed to conclude the conclusion of international tolerates, but not their prevention.

However, because this is nowhere, and because the lisbon treaty does not distinguish between internal acts and acts with third parties, STOP TTIP complains in front of the european court of justice (ECJ) in luxembourg against non-duly and collects his own fist until the conclusion of the procedure.

The exceeding of the million hurden, which is the most important formal prerequisite for a successful european burger initiative, evaluates the stop TTIP spokeswoman maritta strasser "overwalking success" and as "sounding slap for the old jose manuel barroso conducted EU commission, the "ignored the boys" have.

One million signatures against TTIP

In brusseler berlaymont, jean-claude juncker off his midday briefings. Photo: anders sandberg. License: CC by 2.0.

Now the STOP TTIP initiators want BARROSOS successor jean-claude juncker at its 60. Birthday on 9. December before the day-to-day lunch in the brussel rue de la loi 200, the first million signatures than "birthday present" hand over. Bundisspeaker karl bar according to the new commission chief "hardly a gorger gift wish", because the million pack show that the europe "do not deny your right to democratic co-determination".

In addition, stop TTIP calls for the former luxembourg minister president, the already finished european-canadian free trade agreement CETA, which is also part of the burger initiative, not to ratify because it "exactly the arbitration dishes [containing] that juncker rejects according to its own".

Did you want to collect signatures, until the second specification of a successful european burgerinitiative is achieved: the crossroads of quorus in at least seven EU member countries. In FUNF states – concrete in germany, austria, great britain, finland and slovenia – these land-specific minimum numbers of signatures have already been achieved

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