Pirate party and sexism

Is the young pirate party a devastated love or is only sitting in the statistics trap?

If the current pirate sexism discussion remains a belly button problem of the most recent left margin of our company or we experience a tangible ideological generation conflict here? I naturally tap on the latter.

In the last day in the read-write-web, so the part of the interwebitubes, where you can also join in, a topic high, which I had not expected: discrimination against women, a.K.A. Sexism at the pirate party. But, really, I surprised me to read extensive concerns here. That you do not choose the pirates, though everything is right, what’s in your program. Because they have waived to explicitly point to equality requirements, even on the distinction between pirate and piratin, and also on the party congress, by base democratic decision. Both pirates as well as pirates have namely for the sex-neutral salutation "pirate" voted. May be that?

Hopes and statistics

In some places this discussion becomes emotional: "it’s almost like a remedious love: there is a new party, rebellious, wild and determined in the fight against the old bones – and then she is as deeply sexist out…"

Other arrears come to the table: "the proportion of women is significantly lower at the PP than in other parties."

The mentioned ones are studarious: "so if you want odds, special rights or linguistic artifacts like inland cubicles, you are out of place with us." or even unflunted: "only rumzilen does not apply!"

Sail into the new world

Now I have to do something I did not think that I have ever had to do it. Pronounce a welcome greeting. As before already to the media industry. Or others. This time: welcome to the 21st century (or. 3th millennium), dear equality. And at the same time my congratulations for that, dear feminists that your commitment has carried so rich fruity.

Immediately in the first decade of the young century (or. Year thousands of years ago, a party has formed itself, which has everything that caused her steamed as a self-reliance. Of course, women and men are equal, naturally is sexual orientation privacy. And only if you do not emphasize that in every second secondary rate, that does not mean that you (as a pirate) in the social stone time is backed up. No. The pirates are the priority of the burger rights movement and consider the challenge of the digital revolution, the upheaval of our society, which is just in their own future. In the information area. This challenge will be from the "old" generation of the burgerrechtscherkfernen (and here all ages are represented) due to lack of understanding of their scope not perceived. That’s why a separate party had to be.

The burger rights movement of the 80s and 90s (A.K.A. "Grunge") has made irreplaceable for our society, but now has to see that there are new tasks to loose. Equality and environmental awareness should be considered standard within the burger rights-milieus. And to the review of this post: actually there is no problem between women and pirates. Only between the two generations of the burger rights movement. And even here, because the ancient ages (as always).

But that is a position that is not understood by all. On the contrary, you will be damaged for this time: "if I read your throat so, I get the puke…" and "in this respect, I consider your opinion only as an undulpted, stupid spark." ] freedom of expression over everything, but still it is gratifying that here is here "only" upset the women’s equality camps. Finally, the young pirates also ignore the achievements of earlier burger rights movements such as the SPD, not the same right from voting for all – and workers’ rights. Because all of us who are at the time are alive, these rights are considered self-resistant. Although they, in the case of workers, in problem situations are just as little as in the case of the female burger. And each must be conceived actively. Only one must distinguish straight, and adults should be fahig, where discrimination must be counted, and where they are already overwurt.

So please to the burger rights-"old school": be nice to your sweat cookers and grooves, the pirates and pirates, and blam you not for your free thinking. You have learned that from you either.

Disclaimer: the author of this article belongs mathematically to the oldschool generation, so has a son in the best pirate age and still plays enthusiastically killer games, writes weblogs and has set the reading of news on paper years ago years ago.

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