Tails 4.19: smaller innovations for anonymous operating system

Tails 4.19: Smaller innovations for anonymous operating system

Since yesterday, a new version of the anonymous operating system tails is available for download or upgrade. Actually, the developers wanted to be in the stable tails version 4.Transfer 19 coarse changes in general to the gate network; this project was now postponed for a precaution. Since the few remaining innovations include updates for goal browser and thunderbird including security fixes, the update is still advisable.

The linux distribution tails ("the amnesic incognito live system") supplies users to move (possibly) anonymously on the internet to bypass state censorship and leave no traces on used computers. In addition, it brings with tools to protect sensitive files and digital communication from unauthorized access.

Thunderbird and gate browser updated

Dier tails developers have the version of the e-mail client thunderbird to 78.10.0 from april 2021 raised. The said release had eliminated several security, two of which with "high" had been rated. Details summarizes a fruhere heise security message.

The door browser used in tails standardmabig was on the fresh version 10.0.17 updated. At the time of the appearance of this message, the associated release notes were not available yet. Since tor browser typically fever on the current firefox ESR (extended support release), the lust fixes of the firefox ESR 78 published yesterday were allowed to.11.0 with on board.

From the current firefox ESR version was the with "high" reviewed vulnerability CVE-2021-29967 eliminated. This is according to mozilla’s description of storage safety bugs, some of which have some potential for storage errors. This might "with sufficient effort" exploited to bring any (harmful) code for execution.

Overview of the most important other innovations, the release notes deliver to tails 4.19 and the changelog.

Installation and view of tails 4.20

Whoever uses tails already from a USB stick can perform an automatic upgrade. This continues to work – depending on the interpretation of the release notes – only from version 4.14 or 4.15: "automatic upgrades are broken from tails 4.14 and earlier", it is called there. In the next sentence, however: "automatic upgrades are available from tails 4.14 or later to 4.19".

How to make a manual upgrade, a contribution explains on the tails website. For the reinstallation, the tails developers provide instructions for linux, macos and windows. CAUTION: according to release notes, existing persistent storage (and thus the data stored there) is lost if you take a reinstallation instead of an upgrade.

Tails 4.20 should be on 13. July 2021 appear. Curious find information about planned innovations in the roadmap for fine tail versions. In particular, the upcoming version should include the changes mentioned above for the connection to the gate network. The developers already had them in a beta catch and in the first release candidate (RC1) of tails 4.19 tested with the community; A few details are about the contribution "call for testing 4.19 ~ RC1" refer to.

A for the next day’s requested RC2 RC2 should be further for tails 4.20 planned changes and improvements covered.

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