Truck toll planned on federal hubs in saxony-anhalt

Freight forwarders should pay a toll after the coming year on 158 kilometers of federal hubs in saxony-anhalt. The emotion should be collected on seven trenches. Affected are four-lane failure straws in the room magdeburg and halle and the new B 6 on the resin. Inner-stadtical rapid straws should first be toll-free, said the speaker of the ministry of transport, harald kreibich, on monday in magdeburg and thus confirmed a report of the newspaper magdeburg volksstimme.

After the lander traffic ministers had agreed in principle two weeks ago, there are now concrete tarpaulin from berlin, said kreibich. Saxony-anhalt minister of transport karl-heinz haine (CDU) wanted to give the proposals in the coming weeks and spells with associations from business and traffic drove. The minister of transports had agreed that artificially for well the half of all four-lane federal sausages should become a truck toll. Around 2000 of 3800 kilometers, dafur is in question nationwide. The federal ministry of transport wants to prevent trucks that want to avoid a motorway congestion to avoid these well-developed federal sausages.

A start date and the high of the toll are not fixed yet. On highways, a toll has been valid since january 2005 for heavy trucks from twelve tons of weight. It is staggered after axle load and pollutant emissions. "Although ultimately the federal government decides, but the proposals have not been put into the room as a dogma," says kreibich. For example, it should be avoided that after a toll import on the B6N the trucks roles back through quedlinburg, wernigerode and halberstadt. "It makes no sense to build the straws with a lot of money when truck rolls again through localities," said kreibich.

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