“While stocks last” – apple introduces current imac pro

Apple introduces its current IMAC PRO. In the online shop of the manufacturer since friday is under "buy imac pro." "while stocks last." to read. A configuration as needed and your own wish is also no longer possible – just a predetermined configuration can be ordered. Opposite to macrumors confirmed apple that the imac pro will no longer be available as soon as the prird is sold out.

The powerful all-in-one device on intel-based was on 5. June 2017 announced and introduced in december 2017. The price range for the pro device was between 5.500 euros in the entry-level model and 15.550 euros in the maximum configuration. The 2020 introduced imac (without pro) is, depending on the configuration, faster than the imac pro – partly also faster than the mac pro – and costs only half.

New imacs with arm processors

For this marz, some analysts expect the envision of new imacs with apple’s own arm processors, which should remove the current imacs. In addition to new processors, a new design is expected, which apple has not changed since 2012. An official envision of apple for a corresponding keynote is currently not available at the moment. If you believe the bracket believe, the 16 could. Marz 2021 be the date on which either the keynote takes place or an appointment is announced for it.

From new ipads pro to new imacs, everything is discussed for a potential marz environment – even in different colors for the M1-imac. The imac pro is the only IMAC in the color space-gray. The keyboard and mouse contained in the same hue, which was delivered to the IMAC PRO at the beginning, achieved horrendous prices on the internet. Father were offered keyboard, mouse and trackpad in space-gray regular by apple as a zuhor.

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