Abbas expert advanced new elections

Bloody internal palastic conflict is approaching

Only eleven months after the last parliamentary elections, the palastinians in westjordan and gaza stripes will re-election their political lead. This rally prasident mahmud abbas on saturday in a weekly awaited "important speech" at. Not only the parliament, which has been dominated by hamas since the elections in january, should be re-elected. Also prasident abbas (fatah), in office since january 2005, wants to be a vote again. An appointment for new elections is not yet fixed.

The envision follows on weeks of armed clashes between fatah and hamas. In a collection that was pressed throughout the palatinian areas, three children of a fatah security officer in gaza had died on monday in gaza. However, hamas rejects responsibility. Palastinians from gaza write the murder of an enemy family. Two hamas ministers escaped attack attempts. A judge of hamas was killed. Even minister prosident ismail haniya (hamas) had to recapture on friday after his return from a journey through several islamic states in the gaza strip in front of balls. At the attack, a body welded was killed, haniya’s son injured.

If such strays were previously addressed to the gaza strip, they broke out on friday in the west bank. In ramallah, a march of hamas was stopped and bombarded by the prasident guard (fatah). The demonstrators shot back. Several people were injured. Protestmarsche, where weapons are also included, organize various groups in ramallah almost every friday. However, these have never been hindered.

Foreign minister mahmud zahar (hamas) rejects early parliamentary elections. "We only chosen a year ago", so zahar after the abbas speech. "Shall we choose until the fatah fades the result?" not only corruption and mismanagement of the fatah helped hamas a year ago to victory. Disagreement in the fatah himself prevented a closed appearance of the party, which also did not use the year in the opposition to reorganize and reorientation. "There are still the old gangsters who have said that in the fatah", such a palatinian observer on the edge of the abbas speech in ramallah. "Printer have no chance. Actually, you can only split off and a fatah reform party, if you want to assert your influence."

Prasident abbas demanded new elections as a prerequisite for the formation of a national unit government. According to the corresponding language between fatah and hamas failed four weeks ago. According to abbas, however, only one government is involved in all parts involved in finishing the internal security crisis and the financial boycott of international donor candidates. In addition, israel has stopped the palastic and taxes for marz the palatinians, about $ 60 million per month. Due to the financial crisis, the 160 received.000 palastian officials in recent months only part of their salary. The displeasure is roughly, many sectors are counteracted.

Palastic observers ame that the fatah wants to use the financial note of the officials now for election victory. On demonstrations are often slogans like "way with the hamas, the thieves brings us to us" proclaimed. The population is therefore quite aware of the composition of the fatah-guided. Corruption windings of their members are discussed open in the palatinian press. However, since 1989, fatah-fuhrung has been internationally recognized internationally and thus able to bring the necessary grants back into the country, even if they manage a good part into their own pockets.

"If it needs to be, we can still live with bread and olive oil", on the other hand, minister prosident haniya says, "but we will not give up." however, the striking officials of the autonomous deeds not only demand their outstanding salaries, but also want a guided, which offers them a political perspective. And for that, hamas has not been able to marz since marz.

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