Digital studies: with online coffee gossip against the loneliness

Digital studies: with online coffee gossip against the loneliness

The digital coffee gossip with friends is the highlight of their current social life for the heidelberger jura student annalena wirth. It is the second semester in which she studies coronabeed online – in the whole of november is prohibited by corona regulation prasseller. "I was very happy about the lectures and was very sad that they are only held digitally", says the 19-year spokeswoman of the student’s council of the university heidelberg.

After weeks of brooding on a housework in her little student bude, she was looking forward to contacts with a lecture – but she found himself in the anonymitation of an online event again. Even the lot of falling in working groups now fall flat. Instead, one would have to fight with the technology; in their first lecture, the online system has allowed only 250 participants. "If there are more, the one with the strongest internet comes to the train", blind.

Impact of digital studies

Wirth looked at it so far as an advantage to live alone in a one-room apartment. Now she envies the fellow students who live in shared communities and always speech. Even together lunch in the cafeteria is not possible, food is only available "to go". For the first semesters, it is particularly difficult to orient himself to build contacts, to shake friendships or to get tips on old fellow students. All the policy for student life. "It is a very stressful time", was the young woman together.

Lonely, technical problems, money worries because of the loss of the part-time job – the problems of the students are far elements than just the waiver to celebrate. The isolation is according to one in the weekly newspaper the time published study of the german center for university and science research A rough kennis. 80 percent of students between june and august suffer from the lack of exchange with fellow students. 63 percent is missing contact with the teachers. With the swuck of the online teaching, only 14 percent are beating.

In the budwest, students and professors had hoped until just before the start of the winter semester last monday that the concepts are implemented as much prasenz teaching as possible. Unlike kitas and schools, the educational institutions remained unshields of the forced jerking into digital not spared. This suspension has now called the rectors of the nine universities in the country on the plan.

The chief of the landesrector conference, stephan dabbert, paints for the students who came to the universities this and past semester, a dusteres picture. The development has serious episodes for you. "The two digital semesters drove, for example, in the book sciences that a bachelor student one third of his or her study time does not enter the university and has no direct exchange with the teachers or his fellow students", says dabbert. "This will impact on the study duration and the study success", the rector of the universitat hohenheim in stuttgart added. According to the one in the time published study believe 47 percent of students that their studies will be defined by the pandemic.

The heidelberger rector bernhard eitel also agrees with the students on hard times. In a buried mail to study start, he shows, among other things, the difficulties facing the 5000 starters and new students registered in heidelberg: "the current circumstances make it difficult to get to know each other, exchange information and organize a study as a phase of life."

Matches of the universities

In all criticism of universities at the deteriorated study conditions, they make their course well from the point of view of the ministry of science. All universities had worked intensively on formats to pick up starters as well as second semester and to create good starting conditions for them. Many universities had to bury their first semesters in prasenz events before the restrictions. Others placed their offers for the coming days and weeks especially under high prere, praises the resort of theresia bauer (grune).

Annalena wirth studying in the third semester helps that little. She is looking forward to that at least the university library is not closed. There is a flourish when you fall the blanket at home the blanket.

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